April 14, 2024

Urban Camping Causing Polarizing Problems for Denver Residents

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The majority of camping across the U.S., roughly 70%, is done inside public campgrounds. Although camping can be a lot of fun for the families involved, there are underlying problems that arise that are uncomfortable for everyone involved.

In Denver, Colorado, groups of homeless people aren’t just camping in public areas and designated campgrounds, but are staying on private property outside of people’s homes.

According to KDVR, Jolene Taylor has noticed a group of homeless individuals camping on her property, directly outside her home, since April 11. Although Taylor has repeatedly asked them to leave her property, they would leave for a few hours and eventually come back.

“They came back Monday night and they came back Tuesday night and they came back Wednesday night,” said Taylor, who finally had to call the police, only to see an officer drive by the house and keep going. “I called them again and said ‘You didn’t do anything.'”

The Denver Police Department eventually asked the campers to move but added that there wasn’t much more they could do than simply ask.

While the majority of Americans enjoy 1.62 cups of coffee per day and 70% of men and 54% of women own more than 10 T-shirts, the less fortunate aren’t even able to have privacy when they need to use the bathroom in some instances.

“I was making coffee and I looked out and there’s this dude peeing in front of me and I’m like, ‘Oh man, you have got to get out of here,'” added Taylor.

This situation in Denver is complicated because many homeowners are frustrated with the homeless camping out on their property and leaving trash in their yard, but homeless advocacy groups are in support of these less fortunate individuals.

According to Westworld, Laura Avant, one of the co-leaders of Occupy Denver, and tens of thousands of Denver residents have petitioned to end the city’s ban on urban camping.

“If you don’t want to repeal Denver’s urban camping ban, fine!” Avant yelled in the courtroom when city council president Albus Brooks informed her that she was “interrupting” as she brought in the large case of petition signatures. “At least you know how the citizens of Denver feel about it. Goodbye, and shame on you Albus Brooks, forever.”

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