July 24, 2024

How to Get the Settlement You Deserve as a Victim of a Drunk Driver

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When you’ve been affected by a drunk driving accident in Denver, CO, through injuries, damage to your vehicle, lost wages, the emotional toll, and more, you probably want to seek out some kind of recompense for the harm caused. Although money can’t erase the fact that the accident and its effects happened, it can help you have the funds you need to rebuild your life after a devastating incident like this.

Knowing where to start is half the battle when seeking a settlement for a drunk driving incident. Many folks become paralyzed by options and unknowns when they first start considering what they could do to seek the compensation and justice they deserve in this situation. Although every drunk driving settlement process is different, there are a few common ways you can increase the chances of an outcome in your favor when it comes to a drunk driving settlement.

Know the Local and State Laws

State and local laws dictate what you can expect from the drunk driving settlement process, so you should take care to evaluate those regulations and seek out advice or information that is specific to the location where the drunk driving accident occurred. Some states like California are considered at-fault states. This indicates that the individual found responsible for creating a scenario in which an injury or accident resulted will be held responsible on a civil and financial level for expenses such as medical costs, property damages, and other accident-related costs. This can be a major relief for those who are financially impacted by a drunk driving incident and help deter folks who consider drinking and driving. Other places like Denver, CO, or New York, NY may have laws that vastly differ from those in other states or cities, so it’s important to get information about the location specific to where the accident occurred.

To understand the laws around drunk driving accident settlements like statutes of limitations and whether your state is an at-fault one, it’s best to consult appropriate and qualified legal counsel. While searching the Internet can give you general information or encouragement, it’s no replacement for specialized legal counsel tailored to your situation. Before you commit to hiring an attorney, many attorneys offer free initial consultations.

Recognize that You’re Not Alone

According to Bankrate, every year, drinking and driving generates over $44 billion in fatalities and damage. Although that’s a sobering and tragic figure, it goes to show that folks who are financially impacted by drunk driving are far from alone. The more you seek support from folks who understand what you’re going through, the less isolated you will feel about suffering from the effects of a drunk driving accident. When you know you aren’t alone, you may feel more motivated and empowered to take action to pursue the settlement you deserve.

There Is Hope

After a drunk driving accident, you may feel discouraged and even hopeless. With mounting expenses, a settlement may feel impossible or out of reach. Rest assured that a common outcome for car accident settlement cases is reaching a settlement in more than 90% of reported cases, according to NOLO.

Once you have received the settlement you deserve, you’ll feel like a major burden has been lifted. While you’ll still need to deal with the emotional, medical, and circumstantial impact of the accident, it will be easier to get the help you need and replace what has been lost or damaged through the accident. When you receive a settlement, it can also validate your sense that something wrong has happened, and you deserve to be compensated for this awful occurrence.

In short, getting a settlement for a drunk driving accident requires some effort. It also requires patience. With the right help, you can feel confident in the possibility that you’ll receive the settlement you deserve.

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