May 26, 2024

How The Craft Beer Scene Is Shifting Denver Residents’ Lives for the Better

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Due to the pandemic a lot of businesses have suffered along with breweries in the United States. However, the case is not the same for Denver. The craft beer scene seems to be reignited in the city of Denver and the whole state of Colorado.

A Bit About Beer

For the past 7,000 years, people have been fermenting plants and grains to make alcohol. However, that all has been changed due to the pandemic. It caused many businesses to close down. Many breweries also suffered as the production went down by 9%, which is a whopping 23.1 barrels in 2020 as opposed to 2019. Similarly, the sales were also affected by the pandemic and decreased by 22%. Fortunately, people’s love of beer kept many institutions afloat enough to get by. When there are countless varieties of craft beer out there, the curiosity of craft brew lovers is hard to sate.

Beer Production

Small-scale breweries have been affected by the pandemic in a much worse way and have had to close down or sell the breweries to cut their losses. The average life expectancy of a tree in an urban area is only eight years. Meaning, if the breweries were to be sold to bigger brewers, they would still be able to ferment the plants and produce beer.

The Rise of the Brewery

Many breweries have had to think on their feet as the pandemic hit the country hard. As most of the businesses were closing and selling. Some brewers were able to step outside their comfort zone. By repurposing the job descriptions of their employees, they were able to retain them. Instead of being a server, they became packagers of beer. Some became a delivery team and started delivering beer to the homes of the people. Along with that the brewers also opened order taking windows and made it easier for the people to take their beers as a to-go order.

Government Support

In such tumultuous times, the government also stepped up and not only offered financial aid but also amended the laws by allowing breweries to expand their outdoor seating areas. This allowed for social distancing and gathering of the consumers to be carried out safely. Further laws that were amended include offering curbside service and delivery of beer to the consumers. These steps helped the breweries to engage with the consumers and keep up their services despite the steep decrease in production and the lockdown instruction imposed. The financial aid allowed for the breweries to stay afloat and pay the salaries and the rents and pay for other utilities.

Revitalizing the City Scene in Denver

Since the breweries have picked up their game since the pandemic the city scene in Denver and Colorado as a whole has changed a lot. Almost 25% of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them and 32% only have room for one vehicle. The breweries have really helped pick up the pace of city life. The breweries in the city of Denver have done what most businesses couldn’t do and that is sustained. Sustain in the worst of times and provide a source of entertainment and fun with their products.

With the help of the laws implemented by the government, the people have been able to feel some sort of normalcy during these difficult times. And that is what the city of Denver and the State of Colorado, in fact, the United States needs. Hope against hope in the worst of times and coming together as a country to support each other.

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