May 24, 2024

How to Maintain Your Garage in Your Denver Home

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When you live in Denver, CO, you’ll know why having functional, well-maintained garage matters. After all, the city gets plenty of precipitation every year, which means that you’ll want a safe place to store your car overnight or keep all of your tools and other supplies that you don’t use every day. For many homeowners, this structure may be the last item on their list of areas of the house to maintain.

Once you purchase a home in this area, it can feel like the storage space doesn’t need any attention unless something is visibly broken in it or it’s presenting a potential threat to your well-being and the integrity of your home’s structure. Unfortunately, this attached structure needs regular maintenance like any part of the house. Even if it costs money to keep your garage functioning properly, it will be less expensive than replacing it or even buying a new home down the line if it completely fails due to a lack of maintenance over the years.

Don’t Underestimate a Garage Door

Although you may think that the front door of your home is the main entrance, you may be surprised to discover that it could be out-used by the door to the storage and parking area. Out of homeowners who were surveyed in a study, 55% said that they utilize their garage door as the main entrance. Even though it may seem like the door to the place where you park your car and store extra items when they’re out of season isn’t all that important, these statistics show that it would serve you well to maintain it.

On that note, you may wonder how long you can expect it to last before you must replace it. It’s always a good idea to plan and consider how long you may have to save up money before you need to spend it on replacing a major component of the house. On average, these doors tend to last about two decades. Of course, their lifespan increases when they have been maintained the way that they should be.

Make Key Repairs to Conserve Water

When you notice small cracks in the ceiling of this area or small puddles of water, it may seem like they’re not a big deal. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll probably see them and then not think of them again until they balloon into a bigger problem that requires urgent attention. For your house, your water bill, and the environment, you may want to prioritize patching even tiny cracks in this part of the house. According to Comfy Living, little drips and leaks have the potential to squander a maximum of 10,000 gallons of water annually.

Schedule an Inspection

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. If you can get an inspector to evaluate potential issues or concerns in this area before they blossom into a bigger problem, you’ll do yourself and your wallet a favor in the long run. Large repairs can cost a lot of money–replacing major components of an attached structure on the home can be even more expensive. While you might be nervous about what an inspector has to say, it’s better to hear the truth and face it head-on than wait until you can’t ignore the issues with the carport of your home anymore.

In conclusion, maintaining a garage in Denver and the surrounding areas involves valuing all of the parts of the garage, paying attention to water damage, and hiring an inspector regularly to point out areas that could improve in this part of the home. You can also ask home improvement contractors if they have any recommendations for keeping your garage in top condition. Consulting with professionals is the best way to tell what you should do to maintain your home.

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