June 13, 2024

Denver Dog Harness Company Helps Dogs Get Back On Their Paws

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It is easy to say that pet owners will do anything for the well-being of their furry friends. For Liz Rubinstein, her decision was easy. Her beloved golden retriever Ginger was struggling with severe hip dysplasia, and she wanted to help.

So Rubinstein hand-stitched a dog harness to help lift Ginger’s unsteady hind legs, but she never thought this one simple invention would have the ability to change her career path.

Named the GingerLead after their pet, Rubinstein and her husband have sold 40,000 pairs of the harness since officially opening up business in 2008. The device straps around the dog’s abdomen with a handle on top so the owner can lift to support the dog’s back hips and a leash that clips into the dog’s collar.

The Rubinsteins have just received their third patent for GingerLead since the formation of their business in 2008. According to federal standards, these utility patents will last 20 years and are measured from the application filing date.

This business idea came when the Rubinsteins realized that veterinarians across the nation did not have an idea similar to theirs. They contacted the U.S. patent office, and when there were no better alternatives, they decided to go ahead and look for manufacturers in the Denver region.

However, the manufacturers were wary of producing something they had never seen before.

A lot of people didn’t even want to talk to me about a new product,” Liz explained to Business Den.

Soon, three manufacturers around Denver agreed once they saw the sudden success of GingerLead. The Rubinsteins took their prototype to a veterinary conference in Florida and they couldn’t keep up with their orders ever since.

GingerLead comes in seven sizes, with options for male and female dogs. Prices range from $36-$60. The company sold 14,000 of their made in the USA products last year, with projections to sell thousands more within 2016.

Visit their website here.

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