July 16, 2024

Boy Scout Weekend Event Sabotaged By Missing Cooking Trailer

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In Broomfeild, CO, a Boy Scouts troop was gearing up to host an annual weekend event, when they discovered that the trailer containing all of their cooking gear had gone missing.

The trailer, which was parked in a storage lot, was stolen sometime between Monday and Thursday evening, or so the police believe.

Ken Kinnard, the chair of the 40th annual Gateway District Webelos Weekend Camping Event, said, “Most likely, whoever stole it thought it was empty, it’s a beautiful big trailer. It’s a 20-foot race trailer, so it’s got all of the heavy duty axles to haul all of our heavy kitchen gear, and they most likely assumed that it was empty.”

For the troop, the trailer is less important than what was inside. Stoves and cookers made out of old furnaces built by hand 25 years ago are irreplaceable, said Kinnard.

About 70% of camping is done on public campgrounds, but the Webelos event is held at Camp Tahosa, attendance to which is expected to exceed 600 people. Webelos stands for “We’ll be loyal scouts.”

The Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” rings particularly true now that the Scouts must come up with a backup plan for preparing food for the event, which is in early June. The event is significant to many of the scouts, as it fosters relationships between cub and boy scouts as a part of the Eagle Scout project.

Unfortunately, this situation is one the troop never thought of. “Plan B, there really was no plan B, we never figured somebody would steal our camp kitchen, there’s really no value to it but we’ll get it,” Kinnard said.

Community support may help keep the event on. Kinnard says that many people have reached out and offered to help, in spite of the missing cooking gear.

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