June 13, 2024

3 Reasons Vacationers Love To Visit Colorado In The Winter

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Vacation time is precious; we all have a limited amount of time to spend the way that we really want to, and the fact is that many of us have already taken the “typical” vacations. Going to the beach or tropical islands has become somewhat standard for many people. For that matter, a lot of us have already taken the standard domestic trips, to Florida theme parks or New York hot spots. Seeking out the right kind of vacation only becomes more challenging when you consider traveling during the winter, rather than the standard summer months. There are many advantages to vacationing in the winter time. Winter vacation destinations tend to be less crowded than summer destinations. A lot of people travel during the summer solely because that’s when their kids are available — which means that, if you’d rather go on an adults-only trip, you’ll be less likely to run into a crush of families. There are also things that happen during the winter time that you really can’t access in tropical locations.

Of course, because winter vacations aren’t quite as popular as summer vacations, it can be difficult to decide upon the ideal destination. Which is why Colorado is only now becoming recognized as an ideal vacation destination. Colorado is the perfect place to enjoy a winter vacation, for a number of reasons. With that being said, it can be intimidating to visit a place without knowing what to do, or what its greatest offerings are. Let’s look into the top reasons why people choose to visit Colorado during the winter time — and why it might be the perfect place for your vacation!

1. Skiing

Colorado is home to some of the best skiing in the United States. It’s long been home to some of the most popular ski sites in the world, in fact — among with Aspen and Vail. This is in part thanks to the many different peaks found in Colorado; it’s the nation’s highest state, and 50 of its peaks exceed 14,000 feet. This, combined with its cold weather and heavy snowfall, makes it an ideal place to ski. Much of Colorado’s snow also remains powdery and easy to maneuver in, rather than freezing and packing in place. This means that visitors can both cross country ski and downhill ski. For this reason, many resorts in Colorado double as ski lodges. You’ll be able to stay in close proximity to the ideal peaks, and can also store your ski equipment with ease. If you’re not yet an experienced skier, you’ll be able to take the lessons necessary to start skiing. It’s the perfect place to kick off a love of skiing if you don’t already have one!

2. Amazing Restaurants

Colorado is known for its foodie scene. The state is actually more of a cultural melting pot than you might think, making way for a number of different culinary experiences. You can have fresh beef or salmon, farmed on family-owned ranches (in fact, many dude ranches allow people to both wrangle cattle and enjoy an amazing meal at the end of the day). However, there are just as many restaurants that offer truly unique meals. Frasca, for example, offers elegant Northern Italian meals with an amazing wine selection, and locally-sourced ingredients. But you can also skip meat in Colorado, if you should wish to do so. There is a thriving vegan scene within the state’s larger cities, and many of them feature microgreens. Recently growing in popularity, microgreens are actually tiny edible vegetables, though they can also be herbs or other plants. They’re usually no larger than an inch or so, and they offer a delicate flavor and texture. While some microgreens act as garnishes, others are more integral to a meal, adding a little something extra. Although they can be difficult to source, Colorado is home to dedicated and creative chefs, who make the effort to experiment with the types of ingredients that take dishes to the next level.

3. New Experiences

Colorado is home to some truly different experiences, which you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve already touched upon skiing. However, we can’t neglect the many activities you can take part in while visiting a dude ranch. You can, as we mentioned before, herd cattle; horseback riding and fishing are also options. Furthermore, you can go tubing or sledding in the snow, and even take advantage of horse-drawn sleigh rides. Of course, there are also particular experiences in Colorado that are not necessarily as accepted everywhere else. Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, and therefore that product, as well as CBD products, is very popular and safe in the state. By 2022, the sales of CBD are expected to hit $1.8 billion, and Colorado fuels that market in many ways. The fact is that if you’re in Colorado, and can safely indulge in products that you otherwise would have to avoid, why not try them out?

Colorado is unlike anywhere else in the United States. Lots of people find that once they visit the state, it’s hard to vacation anywhere else — or leave in the first place! But whether you’re looking to ski or simply get away from it all, you won’t run out of things to do in Colorado. Enjoy the state while you’re there, and make your plans for next year!

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