April 14, 2024

Taking a Look Inside the Modern Home in Denver

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Admit it, you’ve watched HGTV and wanted to flip a house. It’s a prospect that draws many people, whether it is the thrill of breathing life back into an older home that was once grand in its day but sadly needs updating or a desire to sell your own home for a profit. Flipping homes has become a favorite way to turn an investment into cold, hard cash as quickly as possible. It’s risky though. You’ve got to know what people are looking for in homes. 

The housing market is tricky. Trends come and go and finding the look of the season is a talent and an art. It takes working knowledge of the local scene, as well as understanding the key elements that add value to the home. Marrying the two together is paramount. If you can’t bring the wants and needs together into the look that wows, you won’t sell the home. 

The Denver Modern Home

Denver is a city where people love the outdoors and they live in one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world, where the Rocky Mountains grace the landscape and the sky meets the peaks with over 250 days per year of sunshine. 

WIde open spaces are a big draw to this area and it translates to the home as well. Floor plans in this part of the country are best kept open and expansive. Families need room to spread out with lots of storage space to store skis, hiking gear, and the Broncos merchandise. People in Denver love their Broncos. 

Wood floors are a popular trend and you can never go wrong with wood floors. People are especially drawn to old barn wood and things that are environmentally friendly. Woods that are recycled to make people feel good about their purchase. For more information and choices on reclaimed wood floors that will simply blow your mind, check out the massive selection at reclaimed hardwood flooring Denver.

Hardwood floors that are rough and distressed are perfect if you like a country chic look, which has been popular. You can’t go wrong with a glossy oak floor, or pine to let the light warm the room from the soft glow of the pine. Dark wood floors are not as popular because they do make a room look small and cozy, but this doesn’t go well with the open look that most Denver homes are trying to achieve. 

The Rooms To Focus On

There are two rooms in the home that will increase the value of the home more than anywhere else – the kitchen and the bathroom. You can cut corners in other places, but the homes that are selling in Denver the most swiftly are those that have large kitchens, with new appliances, and marble or cement countertops. 

Bathrooms should be well-appointed with a walk-in shower and a tub for soaking. Women who look at homes will always look at these two rooms and the women in the family are often the ones who have the final say in a home decision. This is likely because men are more than happy to leave this decision to the wife. It could be that she will spend the most time in the kitchen and the bathroom is her refuge? 

Whatever the reason, these rooms absolutely must be up to par. Tile in the bathroom is an absolute must but if you can afford large marble tiling, it’s luxurious and appealing to the eyes. Rich, dark granite or marble tiles that have hints of golds are reminiscent of the flakes of gold in the streams near Moraine Park at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Bringing the outdoors inside is always a good choice. Earthy tones are warm, inviting, and easy to keep clean for the mom who will be looking for the home that makes her life easier. 

Kitchens should have plenty of counter space for baking and entertaining. People in Denver tend to be very social. Colorado is filled with people who are young and vibrant. The median age is only 36. People are raising families and in the middle of their careers. They are busy and raising young families. Large kitchens with space for entertaining, holiday baking, and gathering around the table to do homework are big must-haves. 

Don’t Forget the Ceilings

Most homes have cathedral ceilings in this part of the country. More millennials are buying homes now and their tastes are a lot different than generations that came before them. In fact, they are a bit bolder than traditional home buyers. 

While ceilings have always been white or antique white in the past, younger people are opting for more color. Don’t be afraid to add some color to the ceiling. Everyone is seeking to be an individual and buck the trends nowadays. Don’t be afraid to be bold and add some color where the general rule has always been white. In fact, throw the rules right out the door. 

It’s all about making a statement, whether you do that subtly or by painting the ceiling in a contrasting color to the walls or even adding a climbing wall in the corner, do it unapologetically. If painting isn’t your forte, hiring a professional painter can get the job done right the first time.

Don’t Forget the ‘Modern’ In Modern Home

Young home buyers are also more connected to devices and wifi than any generation has ever been. Wiring a home for wifi and ensuring that all of the modern toys are connected is a big plus. 

Modern home systems and appliances can turn lights on from a cell phone when you’re out at the club, check the refrigerator when you’re already at the store, and arm the security system by voice command. Modern home buyers will be attracted to all of these toys. 

Denver is full of some of the most diverse and eclectic people in the United States. They’re young and they’re bold, and they’re ready to buy houses. 

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