May 26, 2024

Urban Alleys Become Pathways to Revitalization

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The concept of revitalization of urban alleys is speedily increasing. Recently, more than 4000 alleys of Denver have been re-engineered.  And, it has been planned that pavement of remaining 1500 alleys would be completed by 2016. Actually, the reactivation of alleys is really important for the people. It brings cherishes moments apart from different public events. Few days ago Rialto Café had organized a bear-testing event in an alley behind its location. This was a really good beginning.

It goes without saying that the existence of alleys is as old as of the cities. It is said that the most historic and oldest street of our country is Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia. Historically speaking, Executive Director of the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation Kevin Wright says that “Alleys were the source of income for prostitution and place of drug dealing for the mafias; it is really nice to see that they are being activated everywhere in the country”.

Wright is one of those people who have already activated alleys in their respective areas.  Wright says that he has planned to conduct regular events at Five Point-activated Alley where coffee shops and bars have already been opened.  Wright claims that in the coming 18 months the Cincinnati Five Point Alley is going to be huge piece for everyone.

Last but not the least, the term alley has been taken from the French word Alee which means passage or walking and it is almost 600 years old.

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