June 13, 2024

Common ground: Young professionals collaborate for the city’s future

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Bicycle and pedestrian paths

Mother Teresa once said that “I alone cannot change the world but I can only cast a stone across the waters to create ripples”. These words of Teresa have been proved now. Actually, a group of young professionals have decided to localize Credo in the professional fashion.  This group of social animals decided to see change – they always dreaming of- in Pikes Peak region and Colorado Springs Urban Intervention came into existence.

The first mission of CSUI was to restructure a stretch of Pikes Peak into better block pikes peak. This structure was intended to make wider spaces for walks, bike lanes and benches. Since the project of restructuring completed, the area has gained more importance in terms of beauty.

Executive director of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation Michael Hannigan has been living in Colorado Springs since 1971. He said that new changes are the “tipping points of the community”. He further said that Pikes Peak Community Foundation is fully committed to provide all kinds of support to social entrepreneurs who wish bring new ideas to change our lives.

Hannigan said that “we are always looking for creative people with great ideas and we try our best to push those people to the Pikes Peak region”. In addition, he was of the view that “though there are many social and educational challenges yet the young professionals’ community has got the guts to change the city’s future.

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