May 24, 2024

Denver Cannabis Shops Gear Up For Lucrative Tourist Trade

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As the interests of investors and consumers have grown in the marijuana industry, the entrepreneurs need to come up with more customer friendly products. No doubt, since the sale of marijuana has been legalized, some Cannabis sellers are speedily opening their tourist-oriented stores at theLower Downtown- a part of Denver.

Recently, a new store (Euflora) of recreational marijuana has been opened at the 1.25 mile-long 16th Street Mall, the one of the biggest Denver attractions. Jamie Perino the manager and owner of Euflora said that “she had chosen this place to depict attention of the people because it is a good selling point”. She opined that she had no knowledge of Marijuana however she was supposed to be start her business related to building industry. But, when she came to know about vacant space of 16th Street, she revisited her idea and began to think about Marijuana store.

She said to a private news agency that she has a couple of investors who helped her to start this business. The news agency reported that her marijuana store is almost like apple store and supposed to be thoughtfully engineered.

It is said that according to state law, a non non-Colorado resident is only allowed to purchase seven grams (quarter of ounce) of recreational marijuana in one transaction where as the residents of Colorado are allowed to buy one ounce for one transaction.

On the day of inauguration, a big number of people gathered near the Euflora and appreciated the selling idea being invented by Perino.

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