July 16, 2024

Smart Cities and the Technology of Walking

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Pedestrian Traffic

There has been a remarkable change in our walking styles. Today, new innovations in technology have brought revolutionary changes in our walking exercise. Since the last few decades, the use of automobiles has been considered as a best mode of transportation in our country.  Actually, in the metropolitan areas the importance of cars is undeniable. They have helped us to reach to our offices, home and other places on time.  But, the most important questions for our leaders, transport planners and operatives is that how do we address the growing affection for cars of Americans?

It goes without saying that, in the last couple of years, the young Americans have shifted their mind from automobiles to the new age of pedestrianism. The growing demands of Walkscore, Walkonomics, Transit Screen and RideScout clearly opine that the young adults have changed their mind.

Besides, an automobile industry claims that the adults of 18–34 years of age have purchased fewer cars in 2007 compared to 2011.  And, since the last two decades the share of young Americans in the automobile industry have gone down from 20 percent to 13 percent.

Actually, walking offers plenty of benefits to the Millennials. It does not only improve their health but saves their big fraction of money wasted in maintenance of automobiles.  No doubt, the launch of Walkonomics and Walkscore apps has grossly helped pedestrians for navigation and various other purposes. It is said that these applications suggest users where they need to visit during their walks. Experts hold the opinion that this is going to last negative repercussions for the automobile industry and once the pedestrianism combined with technology is increased the demand and supply of cars will be largely affected.

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