February 22, 2024

More Americans Are Biking to Work, According to New Census Data

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“The number of people who commute to work by bicycle increased about 60% over the past decade, while the number of people walking to their jobs remained stable, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau,” USA Today reports. U.S. Census data also revealed that men bike to work more than women, and employees, both male and female, are more likely to ride a bike to work if they do not have children.


The spike in bicyclists comes in light of notable improvements in roads’ conditions and overall safety. “In recent years, many communities have taken steps to support more transportation options, such as bicycling and walking,” the author of the report, Brian McKenzie, wrote. “For example, many cities have invested in bike share programs, bike lanes, and more pedestrian-friendly streets.”

Portland, Ore. appears to be the most bike-friendly, with the highest rate of workers biking to work (6.1%). Portland officials attribute to the spike to more bike lanes, new programs supporting bicyclists, and a cultural initiative to promote acceptance for employees commuting by bike. Minneapolis also has a relatively high percentage, 4.1%, of bicyclists riding to work. “More people are now walking to work than a decade ago in San Jose, Seattle, Sacramento, Atlanta, Omaha, and Cleveland,” The Washington Post adds.

The emerging trend may be conducive to workplace productivity, experts add, especially for salesmen and saleswomen. The occasional break works wonders for employee productivity and efficiency. Salespeople work far better, on average, when they start their day from a well-rested state. Riding a bike to work can help workers allot specific time to relax and sort out thoughts before starting a new sales day.


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