May 28, 2024

Access To Public Transportation a Top Criterion for Millennials When Deciding Where to Live, New Survey Shows

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The new survey released by The Rockefeller Foundation and Transportation for America claims that a large majority of Millennials wishes to access smooth transit options apart from lessening reliance on cars.  It is said in this survey that more than 54% Millennials would love to shift to other cities if they get better options. On the other hand, 66% Millennials opine that access to good transportation would be one those factors which help to determine where they need to stay.

Actually, this survey has been carried out by Global Strategy Group. The survey claims that 46% of the vehicle owners are ready to sell their cars if they get better transportation alternatives. On the contrary, 27% Millennials with mature public transportation systems (San Francisco, New York, Chicago) say that personal cars are necessary in their cities for completing routine works.

Besides, Millennials hold the opinion that it is really necessary for the cities to provide us enough opportunities without relying over the cars (77% agree in aspiring cities, 82% in growing cities, and 86% in mature cities).

It has been observed in this survey that those Millennials who have low- income are looking for more transportation options compared to others. Even though, a big number of them says that we cannot live in such areas where there is no access to public transportation. Besides, those who wish to give up their vehicles opine that the expenses of cars are really high however public transport with affordable rates is more important to them.

Last but not the least, 91% Millennials say that investment in public transportation systems would not only create new jobs but also generate good revenue for the national economy.  This survey was sponsored by The Rockefeller Foundation and it was assisted by Transportation for America.

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