May 24, 2024

Why Is New Urbanism So Gosh Darn Creepy?

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While passing through the Continental Divide, we came across with creepy and cartoonish style of historic buildings. They were seemingly 1980s structures and supposed to be arranged in unnaturally tight grid. Exactly, we are talking about that South Main the planned community of Buena Vista. Actually, we often pass by Colorado with our family to visit the mountains from their Denver home.

Inevitably, Buena Vista is thinly populated area with hardly 2195 residents.  This place attracts a big number of visitors due to 14,000-foot snow-capped peaks. It goes without saying that a couple of years ago, a professional kayaker named Jed Selby conceived the idea of building South Main right on the river after acquiring 41 acres of land. To transform this idea into reality, Jed Selby and his sister discovered the theory of New Urbanism.

The official website of South Main claims that Selby and his sister promptly realized that it’s designing aspects and architecture would be effective for creating eco friendly community. However, they decided to implement the newly discovered theory.

No doubt, after going through the all streets, we noticed that they have built a really beautiful place. But, the thing pinches me the most is that instead of developing pure historic Main Street, they had developed a faux ghetto.

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