May 26, 2024

Teach Your Children How to Speak Espanol With These Easy DIY Teaching Tools

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Interracial primary classroom learning to use laptop with theirIt’s never too early to start teaching your child a second language. Whether you speak it in your home, have cultural ties, or just want your child to develop their language skills, teaching a language to a child at a young age can be especially beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Their brain will develop faster, which will cause advanced cognitive skills like better creativity and enhanced memory, and they will be on the path to higher academic achievement.

If you are going to start teaching your child any language, Spanish is a great choice. Not only is it the official language of 21 countries worldwide, these countries are home to a variety of fun travel destinations that can expand your child’s cultural awareness.

While every child learns differently, there are some easy ways you can help them master their second language through the world of crafts. Starting at home can be educational, and here are some great DIY teaching tips you can easily put into practice that will help your child grasp the Spanish culture in no time.

Flashcards on every surface

One of the easiest ways to get your child talking is to incorporate new Spanish vocabulary right next to words they already know. Putting the words in Spanish on every surface of the house — like the refrigerator, the doors, lights, and chairs — will serve as a constant reminder and soon they will remember the words like second nature.

Translate phrases and sayings they already know

We’re talking about nursery rhymes, prayers, and daily sayings like good morning and good night. Since your child already knows these, providing the translated saying will be easier for them to comprehend without any confusion. First read the English version, and then the Spanish translation. Your kids will be learning like pros in no time.

Celebrate Spanish holidays like Dia de los Muertos

Learning Spanish is more than just learning the language. Your child should know about the culture as well, and Dia de los Muertos is the best place to start as it’s similar to our Halloween. Take time to read to them about the holiday in Spanish as well, and they’ll get a chance to learn advanced vocabulary they might not get a chance to otherwise.

Use word searches and crosswords

Get your child used to Spanish words and what they look like via easy word searches and crosswords. You can easily make these online and use vocabulary your child has just learned to make it relevant for them. Sprinkle a bit more Spanish in these crafts by having the child use the Spanish word found in the word search in a complete Spanish sentence, and have the clues for the crossword puzzles be in Spanish. The more Spanish words, the merrier!

It is no secret that children learn right in their own home. These quick and easy Spanish language-teaching tools will help your child become familiar with the Spanish language in no time at all, while having fun in the process!

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