June 13, 2024

Office Innovation: 3 Things You Can Do This Year to Create a Better Workplace

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working together in the officeBusiness leaders and managers around the world are examining the environment and its effects on their employees. Maybe you’re using recycled paper, but is that enough to inspire good culture? A drab, cold office may not inspire productivity and collaborative culture the way you hoped. If you’re one of the business leaders who’s ready to step outside the box, you’ve come to the right place.

Want to get inspired and make some serious changes for the better in your office? One of these strategies could be the innovation you’re looking for.

Add More Artwork

Art is expression. Whether it’s a photo or a painting, art can stimulate creativity and drive a positive mindset. In fact, roughly 94% of office workers believe art makes the workplace more welcoming. In addition, almost 61% believe art in the office stimulates creativity. If you’re on a tight budget, consider hosting an art event in your office. All you need is some canvases, paints, and paintbrushes. Now, your employees can create their own office art. Not only will it help them feel more comfortable in the office, it will let them know that you value and encourage their creativity.

Allow Pets at Work

More and more offices are allowing pets at work. While it’s important to maintain a clean, orderly facility, dogs at work have been proven to lower stress levels. In fact, employees who brought their dogs to work experienced roughly an 11% decrease in stress levels throughout the day. Dogs at work also allow owners to take a break from their workloads. Instead of leaving the office to let their pooches out, your employees can spend more time in the office with their coworkers and spend less time worrying about whether their dog is okay.

Ditch the Assigned Seating

If you, like 99.7% of other business owners, are running a small company, space is limited. If you’ve assigned desks to everyone, they may feel stifled by the rigid structure in the office. Instead of suffocating your employees with assigned seating, consider investing in wireless laptops that can be carried anywhere in the office. A few common areas and a lack of desktop computers might just help your employees feel more collaborative while they work. You could even consider implementing a telecommuting program so employees can work from anywhere they like. There’s nothing quite as stifling as being chained to a desk all day.

Making your work environment a more creative, welcoming place can have all sorts of positive impacts. Consider that almost 63% of Americans plan on working past retirement age. If you want your employees to want to have a career with you, simple changes like these can help your employees build lasting relationships with coworkers and long careers with your company. Are you ready to innovate?

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