June 13, 2024

National CineMedia Strikes Promising Partnership With Fandango

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Empty Theater ChairsIn an attempt to create an even more viable need for content marketing in the cinema advertising sphere, Colorado’s National CineMedia has partnered with Fandango. The partnership will allow CineMedia’s original video content to hit movie screens nationwide and will provide National CineMedia with Fandango’s movie data that will ultimately enable more effective theater advertising and content targeting.

Americans aren’t watching less TV; they’re simply choosing to consume it in different ways. When over one-third of American adults own a tablet or e-reader, it’s easy to see why businesses like Netflix and Hulu, with their convenient digital streaming services, have been able to change the TV and movie industry so drastically and in such a short period of time.

And while the TV industry is suffering immensely, it appears that the movie industry may be benefiting from the rise of online video platforms and streaming. Namely, cinema advertising is at a high.

According to the Wall Street Journal, National CineMedia has reported a 27% increase of national ad revenue for the third quarter and an increase of 15% in national upfront commitments for next year.

“This strong upfront for the second year in a row, while TV had another lower upfront, provides clear evidence that we are not being negatively impacted by some of the same secular issues that are affecting TV and other traditional media businesses,” NCM Chief Executive Kurt Hall. “In fact, those issues are actually enhancing our ability to gain video advertising market share.”

The advertising network will launch this campaign nationwide, gracing more than 20,000 screens across the country.

National CineMedia’s content campaign will be called “FirstLook” and is a cinema advertising pre-show. The campaign features a series of comedy vignettes, starring the company’s new brand personality, played by “Saturday Night Live” star Kenan Thompson.

This also includes the Fandango Movieclips series, titled “Reel Kids,” where children react honestly to popular theatrical films.

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