June 23, 2024

Denver Community Works to Solve Local Hunger

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raw vegetables in wicker basket isolated on whiteBeneath Colorado’s stunning natural scenery lies a swath of unsolved social problems plaguing many of the state’s residents.

According to a June 13 Denver Post Business article, more than 840,000 Coloradans experienced hunger at some point during 2012, which is one in six people. More than one five households with children throughout the state reported having struggled with putting food on the table between 2012, and Colorado currently has the third-fastest-growing child poverty rate in the country.

As a result, many people in the Denver metropolitan area are responding to the rising hunger and poverty in their state by taking a number of different charitable approaches. Supporting local farms, donating to local food pantries and volunteering to help prepare and distribute food to those in need are all great ways to help. 

You can also donate items or money to nonprofit charities that work to eradicate hunger — and by doing so, you can earn a tax deduction as well.

The Denver Post Business article also says that local legislators near Denver have taken action to help the needy and encourage others to take action in recent months.

In May, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the Charitable Crop Donation Act into action. This act established a 25% percent tax credit for local food producers if they donate their excess food to food pantries in the area.

In addition to having benefits during tax season, donating your time and unneeded food to charity is also highly rewarding — you’ll feel better knowing you have impacted your community positively and helped a family put food on the table.

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