May 26, 2024

Bigfoot Believer Shoots At Man He Mistook For Folkloric Beast

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bigfoot hunterHuman beings are prone to believe some questionable things. In the United States, a survey found two-thirds of adults don’t think sunlight can damage their skin if they’re indoors. False. There are also a great many U.S. adults who firmly believe in Bigfoot. False? A couple people in Montana found out terrifyingly that some people believe in Bigfoot enough to shoot at it. Or, at least, what they think is Bigfoot.

A 27-year-old shooting enthusiast was in a forested area in Montana setting up some targets for target practice. As he’s doing this, he hears a gunshot and a bullet zings past him, merely three feet to his left. Quickly after that, another near miss hit just to his right. It happened fast, but he swiftly figured out he was being shot at and took cover in the woods. When he determined that he was no longer being shot at, he found the shooter on a nearby roadside sitting in his black Ford F-150. When he confronted the shooter, the shooter nonchalantly said he thought he was shooting at Bigfoot.

“I thought you were Bigfoot. I don’t target practice — but if I see something that looks like Bigfoot, I just shoot at it,” the victim reported the shooter saying.

After that, the shooter recommended that the victim wear blaze orange if he didn’t want to be mistaken for Bigfoot. Then went about his day. The victim waited a day before realizing he should probably tell the authorities. He remarked that there’s something eerily unemotional about the shooter’s response to an extremely serious thing. With 80% of internet users being smartphone owners, internet sleuthing and social media connectivity usually reveal the identity of people like the Bigfoot shooter, but our victim hardly had the time to get the shooter’s name or take a picture of a license plate. We wouldn’t be thinking about that after having just been shot at either.

It’s tough to find a black Ford F-150 when they’re the most widely bought trucks in the world. Especially in rural locales like Montana. It would seem like the Bigfoot shooter might escape and remain as evasive as the beast he’s attempting to hunt. As fortune would have it, another person reported being shot at by a man driving a black F-150. She was able to get a better look at his face and provide a description to authorities. She was not harmed.

Now police are looking the Bigfoot shooter and will undoubtedly be teaching him a lesson on firearm safety, law-abiding behavior, and, perhaps, a little something about the concept of folklore.

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