April 20, 2024

The Best Sidings for Any Season in Denver

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Denver SidingFor many states across the US, it is quite normal to experience all four seasons.  This is certainly the case in Colorado, as residents are well aware of the cold winters, scorching summers, and the mild fall and spring days.  Due to such diversity brought on by the change of seasons in these states, it is crucial that the homeowner take care to only install siding that will hold up against these various extremes.  Choosing wisely when having new siding installed will ensure that your home remains protected year after year from harsh winter conditions to the blazing summer heat and everything in between.  Take care to select siding that will weather well during rain and snowstorms. Consider if one of these tried and true siding options could be the perfect choice to fully protect your home throughout all four-seasons!

Is Vinyl Right for You?

A popular choice throughout the years has been vinyl due to its affordable nature.  This option fares particularly well against hot, scorching summer heat. It is also extremely durable in humid climates.  This choice is also a great choice for cold and windy areas, as it holds up exceptionally well under these conditions. If you are looking for added insulation, while maintaining all the benefits of vinyl, consider installing an insulated vinyl siding instead of traditional vinyl.  Vinyl is an attractive choice as it is very versatile coming in many colors and textures!

Could Wood Be the Siding of Your Dreams?

While wood options require significantly more maintenance than other options, providing this occurs regularly, wood is also very durable in four seasons climates.  In order to ensure wood can stand up against harsh elements, it is crucial to complete routine maintenance items like sealing. This is particularly important in climates that receive extended periods of cold weather.  Wood continues to remain popular as it provides a classic appearance and boasts of excellent insulating properties. Wood also affords multiple options, such as cypress, cedar, or redwood. Wood can also be tailored to almost any taste as it can be stained whatever color the homeowner’s heart desires!

Could Engineered Wood Be the Answer?

Do you love the look of wood, but resent the extensive maintenance it requires?  If you answered yes, engineered wood siding may be the perfect solution for you. Engineered wood is very similar to regular wood but has been fabricated from wood fibers.  This construction process makes it more durable than regular wood against a wide range of weather conditions, including heat and humidity. This product is popular because it is eco-friendly and simple to install.  Additionally, it is virtually maintenance free! Even climates that produce hailstorms are no match for engineered wood!

Say Yes to Metal!

Metal siding remains a top choice for homeowners because it is one of the most durable options on the market.  Both aluminum and steel metal siding are known to wear well in all-weather climates. Metal boasts of fire-resistant properties and holds up well against the hottest of outdoor temperatures.  It also stands up against harsh winters and snow, very humid climates, as well as wet and windy climates. 

With the many choices available, there is a durable siding option for everyone!  Protect the exterior of your house and keep your family warm and safe on the inside! Luckily, there are multiple, all-weather options to choose from that fit any budget!



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