June 23, 2024

Why eBikes are the Best Way to Explore Denver

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Denver is a city worth exploring. And that exploration is best done from the comfy seat of an ebike (aka electric bike). Why an ebike when there are so many potential means of transportation? Well, there are several reasons that Denver is ideally situated for ebike exploration and why this modern mode of transport is seeing such rapid rates of adoption.


As far as cities go, Denver is blessed with some of the nicest, most consistent weather of any city in the world. Denver averages around 300 days of sunshine every year, so unlike some places which are too rainy to experience from anywhere more exposed than the back of a cab, Denver lends itself to casual and leisurely pedaling along its historic streets. But for folks coming from lower elevations, you may find that the air on those historic streets might be a little thinner than you’re used to. It is called the “Mile High City” after all, so for many visitors, renting a traditional bike and trying to explore Denver on it might turn out to be an exhausting task that constrains them to a very small radius of travel. Add a little electric pedal assistance though, and suddenly those pedal strokes are effortless — leaving you to absorb the area around you.


Denver is also a very bike-friendly city. It shouldn’t come as a surprise after all, nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Denver’s citizens have long been known for their love of all things outdoor recreation, and cycling is no exception. The city has a robust infrastructure of bike paths, and the network just keeps on growing. The current city plan calls for a bike path within a quarter mile of every residence in the city by 2030. And Denver doesn’t just have bike paths, they’ve got the rest of the cycling infrastructure equation as well, with a large number of good bike shops that rent electric bikes in Denver, and plenty of repair stations to keep them running smoothly. So get out and explore the city, there are bike paths for everyone. Looking to ride 40 miles out of town and explore a lake? There’s a bike path that will take you there. Just looking to grab a good burger and a local brew? There’s a bike path for that too.


The hardest part of exploring a new city is timing. You don’t want to try to jam so much in too small of a time frame and end up rushed, but you also don’t want to go into a trip without any plan and end up bored. An ebike helps solve that dilemma, it gives you the flexibility to get around quickly, but also change plans without having to worry about the bus or train schedule. The only constraint is how long you plan to rent one for, and it’s easy to find a Denver bike shop that can get you set up with a rental for as long as you need. Once you’ve got your rental, you can explore at exactly your own place. There’s no need to wake up early to catch the bus, or hurry through a meal to get home before the last train. Instead you can be fully independent, zipping past traffic whenever you choose.


And speaking of traffic, one of the best parts about riding an ebike in Denver is not having to worry about it. Traffic can be one of the biggest vacation bummers. It brings stress to every situation, and often can keep you from getting out and exploring as much as you’d like to. With an ebike, there’s none of that. No waiting behind 30 other cars at a red light, no honking as you try to merge, just figure out your route, and hop on the bike path that takes you there. It’s that simple. And forget paying exorbitant parking fees. There’s no need to cruise the block for a spot, park far away and walk until your feet hurt, or pay entirely too much to leave your car in some crusty parking garage. Instead, just lock your bike in front of whatever restaurant or business you’re visiting. When you’re finished, just unlock it, and ride home.


And you won’t just save money on parking. An e bike rental costs a fraction of a rental car, and you won’t have to pay for gas or insurance. Most bike shops will include a helmet with your rental, so you’ll be all set. Ditching the rental car for an ebike leads to a multitude of bonuses, beyond just a lower cost. The biggest benefit might just be the hardest to see. Much of what makes Denver such a great city is its natural resources. Its mountains and forests and rivers are unique and beautiful. But they are also fragile. Any opportunity to keep from burning more fossil fuels is a win, and here the ebike wins in spades. Those mountain sunset views from the city are just that much better without one more car’s exhaust adding to the smog.


So there you have it! Not only is Denver one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the country, but you can also now explore it unrestricted by traffic, parking or inconvenience thanks to this modern mode of transportation. On your next journey into this mountainside metropolis, opt for an ebike rental and explore the city uninhibited — all while reliving the childhood joys from when you first learned how to ride a bike!

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