May 26, 2024

Instagram Trends That Every Business Must Stay Abreast with In 2019

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InstgramIf you want your business to be successful on Instagram, you have to keep worrying about a lot of things including keeping abreast with the latest Instagram trends. As competition is pretty stiff, you have to think beyond using clever hashtags and perfect timing for scheduling posts. If you are using Instagram as a part of the social media marketing strategy for your business, it is high time you took Instagram more seriously and explored the latest Instagram trends and tools. Once you are updated about the latest developments on Instagram, you could leverage this powerful marketing platform and build a robust brand presence for your business on Instagram.

Businesses must do meticulous research and dedicated homework to learn more about Instagram so that they could boost their brand image and overall online brand awareness. According to the digital marketing experts at, it is not so difficult to generate fascinating pictures and a nicely curated feed on your Instagram account, but several small businesses do not remember to strategize their posts for boosting sales. It is of pivotal importance for businesses to effectively strike a perfect balance and come up with an effective stratagem that makes your Instagram account incredibly beautiful and creative to grasp the attention of new audiences and keep driving more traffic to your official website. Here are some of the latest Instagram trends all businesses must watch out for in the current year. Your success depends primarily on how your business could follow these trends in their Instagram marketing strategy.

Augmented Reality Filters Meant for Instagram Stories

The most amazing way of promoting your brand is by using interactive content. Since 2018, Instagram has come up with an effective closed beta program for allowing third-parties to come up with their AR filters meant for their Instagram Stories. The branded and customized Augmented Reality filters could help in spreading your brand awareness. Since Instagram is increasingly letting more third-parties to come up with their customized AR filters, businesses and brands are now having a marvelous new tool for promoting and advertising their brand or business on Instagram.

Leveraging Instagram Growth Tools

Your business must be having a clever social media stratagem; however, the biggest players on this circuit are currently utilizing effective growth tools for gaining more likes, followers, and all other types of engagements. For growing your business’s Instagram following, you could consider using SocialSteeze that brings to you some targeted, real followers. In this context, you must always opt for tools that could assist you in growing your Instagram for Business account with real followers who would be interested in your products and your brand. You need to realize that just by boasting of having too many followers would not be instrumental in boosting your Instagram results especially traffic, sales, and Instagram conversions. Get in touch with a reputed digital marketing company to get an Instagram auto likes for a particular post on your Instagram platform.

Influencer Genuineness

As a brand, the most important factor to keep in mind while collaborating with influencers is to focus on their authenticity and genuineness. You could easily get a host of followers but your priority must be in gaining the best influencers for your business, who are having real followers, people who are seriously interested in their kind of content. You must choose influencers who are having a genuine influence over their target audience.

Before you collaborate with an influencer, you must do meticulous research about them and examine their social media presence. Find out if they are getting adequate consumer engagement on all their posts. See if they are having impressive follower numbers. Try to know about the other brands or businesses that have collaborated with them previously and what sort of campaigns were they? You have to devote time to check out their credentials and do thorough backgrounds check to make sure that they are authentic influencers perfect for your brand. 


Social media has driven home the importance of originality and creativity in marketing like never before. Sure, positioning yourself to succeed before releasing the content is vital, but if the content itself does not hold a candle to the competition, you are in dangerous waters. No matter what your field is, your content is up against not only direct competitors but influencers and casual users too, because this is the power that a platform like Instagram gives its users. 

You can boost your brand presence and engagement by experimenting with new forms of content like cinemagraphs. These are essentially what used to be still images but with certain parts of them reanimated. The concept sounds a little silly but if you go out and look at a few examples, the results can truly be stunning. It is a new craze on social media and you would do well to get on the bandwagon.

Instagram Stories’ Ads

Instagram Stories have become incredibly popular. You must leverage the popularity of this amazing Instagram Stories Feature for promoting and selling your unique products online. According to research done by the Instagram team, around 400 million Instagrammers view Stories daily and almost 1/3rd of the most-seen Stories come from businesses or brands. Moreover, one out of every five Stories would be getting a minimum of one Direct Message regarding the products from viewers. 

We have witnessed brands like Gap; for instance, have been successful thanks to the Instagram Stories’ ads. These ads fetched a 73% higher CTR as compared to its earlier campaigns. For getting started with Instagram Stories’ Ads, you could consider accessing your FB Ads Manager account for creating your advertisement and going live.

Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories have become phenomenally successful and are fabulous but the downside is that they would be vanishing after 24 hours. To deal with this drawback, Stories Highlights feature has been introduced. With this, you could consider saving all your best stories and you could go on keeping them on your Instagram account for as many days as you want. Your followers and fans could be seeing your Stories Highlights right on top of your Instagram profile. They could choose to view whichever they want.

There could be several ways of leveraging this striking feature, for instance, you could consider creating Stories for promoting your precise brand, Stories that help in promoting certain events or products and Stories that tell your brand story and what it is all about. You must ensure that your best-performing Stories are saved for driving more followers and fans so that they could convert.


2019 would be a fabulous year for all businesses and brands on Instagram. Brands that have included Instagram in their overall marketing and promotion strategy are sure to succeed and gain a lot of traction. Instagram is constantly coming up with more innovative ways of promoting and selling your products, more effective ways of creating fascinating content and more enticing ways of getting your target audience to connect and swing into action! 

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