May 24, 2024

How to find the right watch for a loved one

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Today, people attach immense relevance to one’s appearance and dressing style! Needless to say, accessories also play an important role here. And a watch is indeed an important piece of accessory on your wrist that you ever imagined before. 

Most of us use a watch as fitness trackers, time telling device, alarm clocks, sleep monitors and the like. But is that all a watch is meant for? Keeping in the fast paced 21st century lifestyle, a watch is also a fashion accessory that adds to an individual’s persona. It is also a necessary device to denote time. Hence, when you are selecting a watch, it’s essential to opt-in for a blend of utility and style. And if you have to make a choice, choose the classic automatic watches.  To know more about this, you can get in touch with Garmin Singapore

Automatic watches are charming

Simple things can be charming, useful and beautiful. You realize this when you opt-in for an automatic watch that sits rather firmly on your wrist. The firmness speaks about the dexterous work that has gone in making the watch. These watches truly are a testimony to the science of watch making. They are durable, functional and have a timeless look. There’s a signature style that both men and women can choose from a wide array of global watch brands available today. 

Are you wondering why an automatic watch is the best watch? If yes, you could make good use of the reasons below:

  • It looks classic and stylish

There’s some very classy about a classic automatic watch! It looks formal and fashionable at the same time, as jewelry should. You can sport it at a corporate event as well at a personal get-together with friends and family. Today, there are various Swiss brands that come up with stunning automatic watch models to select from. Also, if you are planning to make a watch a symbol of celebration in your life, an automatic watch is the best option. 

  • It reflects the owner’s personality 

The kind of watch you choose speaks about your persona! People who love automatic watches usually have an affinity for classy accessories. They are not into fancy products that cost less and last less than a fortnight. Instead, these watch lovers would love save and invest in a watch that you add the required gravitas to their persona and would last long. They always prefer quality over quantity. Automatic watches are durable than most other watch types. 

  • It is an accessory to flaunt in your photographs

Watch lovers love to get complemented on their watch models. An automatic watch on your wrist looks good when you are clicking a picture for your Instagram or others social media posts. That aside, you can also pair up your other accessories such as bag, shoes, rings and bracelet depending on the automatic watch design. And sometimes, the watch can be the only accessory to complement your dress.

These are a few reasons that make automatic watches popular! If you want to bring home one, take time to choose the best watch design and buy from a reputed watch dealer or service provider. That way you get an authentic product as well as the warranty. 

Best automatic watch Company in the World


Swiss watch company Rado makes a portion of the world’s most wonderful automatic timepieces. With a scope of styles and price focuses, Rado is an all around mainstream brand that mixes timeless tradition and cutting edge styles to make flawless items. 

From the Rado Diastar to the Hyperchrome watch, this Swiss heritage brand make probably the most amazing automatic watches around. The exquisite yet manly stylish of numerous Rado timepieces make this a profoundly regarded brand both in Switzerland and around the globe.


Another legendary Swiss watch company, Rolex is maybe the conclusive brand name with regards to top of the line automatic watches. The brand’s staggering automatic watches are the stuff of legend, with especially famous models including the Datejust and Submariner timepieces.


Deeply swiss, Tissot is an unbelievable watch brand that has been delivering a portion of the world’s most reliable automatic watches for generations. In fact, the company was initially established route in 1853 in Le Locle, Switzerland. 

As far back as this extravagance watch making company has consistently created beautiful timepieces for a scope of tastes. From the beautifully basic Tissot Balade automatic watch to the bold T-Classic model, Tissot has created some truly vital and at times even classic iteration throughout the years.

Vacheron Constantin

One of the most seasoned Swiss watch brands on earth, Vacheron Constantin follows its underlying foundations back to Geneva 1755. Therefore, the present timepieces from the popular Swiss brand are a study in timeless heritage and elegance. With these watches being among probably the most significant on earth. This name is held in such high regard that it is even said Napoleon Bonaparte himself wore Vacheron Constantin. Really, a timepiece fit for a sovereign. 

At the higher part of the bargain spectrum, Vacheron Constantin watches can cost well over $100,000. While a section level timepiece from this amazing Swiss maker will cost at any rate $15,000.


The first non-Swiss entry on our rundown comes as Japanese brand Seiko. Unexpectedly, this organization was pioneers in the presentation of quartz technology in wristwatches. An improvement which nearly rendered classic mechanical automatic watches terminated. 

Fortunately for lovers over the globe, this never happened. Nowadays Seiko even makes their very own portion lovely automatic timepieces. Indeed, Seiko automatic watches are viewed as among the absolute best non-Swiss alternatives around. This is authorized to their dependable engineering, basic magnificence, and moderate price tag. With everything taken into account, settling on them a genuinely extraordinary decision for entry-level buyers.

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