July 16, 2024

4 Elements of Modern Life You Completely Take for Granted

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Yes, it’s not November yet. In fact, it’s May. That doesn’t mean that you can’t start making a list of everything you are thankful for today and see if it changes by the time turkey day arrives. The only problem is, everybody always seems to be thankful for the same things. Family, friends, food, etc. Well, expand your whole family’s horizons a bit by being thankful for the things everyone overlooks. Here are some examples.

  1. Data Centers
    Were you aware you were browsing the internet before this sentence? Perhaps it was a little automatic? The internet is kind of just there. Many people never stop to think, WOW!, the internet is cool! That’s because it actually isn’t cool, it’s hot. Very hot. Data centers are giant buildings that have a bunch of servers inside of them, all aimed at hosting systems and data. The power consumption is so intense that data centers have a power density 100 times that of a large office building and have power use rates equivalent to nine Walmarts. That’s a lot of heat and power to put flashy pixels on your phone.
  2. Transportation Services
    Limo drivers will take an average of 105 trips per week. This amount of time on the road can cause drowsiness, something you should never take lightly. The fact is, though, these professionals work a largely thankless job. Another transportation service person you will never take for granted again is an airplane mechanic. There were about 131,500 airplane mechanics and service techs employed in the U.S. last year. While you might have thanked the pilot the last time you flew on an airplane, you surely never got the chance to thank the wizards that make sure your engines work right.
  3. Emergency Services
    On a more somber note, emergency rescue professionals like EMTs, Firefighters, and every first responder help make society a better place. As technology advances, these brave individuals can optimize their jobs. For example, at least 50% of all injuries, damages, and lost lives could be prevented if all buildings used an earlier first response system coupled with a sprinkler system.
  4. Shoes
    Nobody ever thinks about their own shoes. Shoes are great, they prevent people from stepping on things that would hurt a lot. Besides, they provide a lot of support for people with different types of feet. Getting a shoe based on your pronation or supination is always possible if you have a hard time running in normal shoes.

Yes, November is a bit far off from now, but by the time Thanksgiving dinner rolls around you hopefully have gleaned a greater appreciation for the society we live in today. It is filled with plenty of odd and new things, yet we are safer than ever before.

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