July 16, 2024

Using Hashtags to Grow Instagram Followers

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The concept of hashtag usage for growing Instagram followers now attracts both favorable and adverse thoughts on it. You may either spread your hashtags across the audience through the posts or may simply hate to use them and avoid them like the plague. Even though there are favorable and adverse facts about it, when used properly, there is no doubt that hashtags will always help you to widen your reach among the prospective audience. Studies show that fact that one apt hashtag will average an additional 12.6% better engagement for the posts than those without proper hashtags.

Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is a social sharing platform that is tailor-made for the most effective usage of a hashtag. Those are on Instagram, looking for their favorite content, now identify hashtags as their primary mode of filtering the content and get hold of what they need. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, where people simply use a single hashtag like a keyword to tweet or post content, those who post on Instagram tend to use multiple hashtags to depict their message as it allows them to post up to 30 hashtags.

However, just for the reason that you can use up to 30 hashtags for your posts, it doesn’t mean that you always need to do it so. If not done properly, it doesn’t add any value to your marketing content. Success with Instagram hashtags only come with using the most relevant hashtags, with a fine mix of popular hashtags with your unique brand hashtags. If you tend to do some unrelated hashtags just for its popularity, you are actually spamming, and it will ultimately do you only harm than any positive impact. 

Tips on using hashtags to get more followers

As discussed above, you can use proper hashtags to get more Instagram followers. Just follow the below tips.

  • Use the most appropriate hashtags

Remember, the top popular hashtags may have been used by too many marketers, which means your posts are simply getting into an ocean and difficult to spot. As an Instagram marketer, you may not want to get lost in the crowd. So, try to identify the most loved secondary hashtags, which exactly matches your offerings to increase the number of visitors and followers.

  • Use generic

Based on what you got to offer, try to use generic hashtags and next try to break down the topic into specific and more relevant hashtags. Say, for example, you can use the most trending #food hashtag to start with, but along with it, you need to also consider the usage of the specific hashtags too like #dinnertime, #starters, #desserts, etc. to specify it more.

  • Finding apt hashtags

The idea of using 30 hashtags per post may felt to be wonderful initially, but it is not so if not done wisely. If you post regularly on Instagram, then you need to build a custom set of hashtags to use and select the most appropriate few to be put for each post. To find apt hashtags, you may:

  • Use the search function on Instagram.
  • Find the hashtags which influencers in your niche used to put.
  • Look at what your competitors do in terms of hashtags.
  • Find out the most successful posts and see what hashtags they use.
  • Use the tools to generate the best hashtags.
  • Social Media Tools to Find the Best Hashtags

You can also try to make use of tools like Instagram Hashtag Generator, which provides you with AI-based suggestion in using or generating the most appropriate hashtags to publish your posts.

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