May 28, 2024

Traveling Across Denver in a Car with Children

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Description: Discover how you can travel long distances in a car with children! We’ve put together a great guide designed to help parents and grandparents handle kids on long trips around the country, especially near or around Denver.

Traveling in a car with children can be quite a task, as you need to keep them entertained while still managing to cover the distance. Located in the heart of Colorado, Denver manages to offer the way into cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas when commuting from the east. It also works the other way round, and many far east travel Denver opportunities are available.

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Denver is also known for sunshine in abundance, outstanding mountain views, and a large assortment of activities and restaurants. It is a perfect city for families. It is also an excellent destination to stop while traveling across the city with children in the car. After securing them using a car seat protector, you can go about taking them to different places in Denver. They are:

Downtown Aquarium

Denver may be one of the last places you may expect an aquarium since the nearest beach to the city is around 1000 miles away. However, it still manages to house a remarkable aquarium, which is one of the largest in this part of the USA. Downtown Aquarium is the largest of its kind between California and Chicago. You can experience sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, sea otters, rainbow fish, and many more.

A restaurant surrounded by a vast aquarium is the biggest attraction here. The aquarium and its aquatic life are completely visible from the dining room. A feeding show is held two times a day, and it often is a key part of many Denver travel packages, which will be able to find a proper time slot. Since the restaurant opens an hour after the main aquarium, this part of the experience should be planned. You are required to pick up additional tickets for the likes of a theatre, but the recommendation would be to go for an Aquarium Exhibit Plus Pass.

Denver Zoo

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There are excellent animal facilities at Denver, with the zoo being one of them. It is a vast expanse spread over 80 acres, and it has been around since the late 1800s. Incidentally, this is the first of its kind in the United States not to feature any cages or bars. Instead, all animals are housed in a natural environment that is conducive to their happiness. Residents of Denver travel to this place to witness a large variety of animals – apes, monkeys, hyenas, lions, rhinos, African wild dogs, elephants, hippos, giraffes, and zebras. These are before you get to the 200 species of birds.

Apart from the entertainment, children can have that such a location, they can also learn a lot. This zoo has several conservation procedures and presentations. Various events take place throughout the year, and the Denver travel advisory often recommends these. It is more than likely that something unique may be taking place at the location when you visit.

Elitch Gardens

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This is one of the famous amusement parks in Denver. This is a perfect destination for visiting with kids, as they can stay entertained throughout their time. Located just across South Palette River and close to Downtown Aquarium, Elitch Gardens is very accessible. It manages to house a water park and theme park. Visitors should check the schedule before visiting this place, as it is closed for most of the days. For example, the theme park is open only on weekends. The place also gets a high volume of visitors. Hence, it is recommended to check Denver travel conditions before making the journey.

There are two water rides and six rollercoasters at the park. Ticket prices are on the lower side, but they are determined only based on height and age. If you have children under three years, they are able to get in for free. Seniors will help to take an admission ticket, which will cost just under $35 for those above 62. This is slightly lower than the $36 for the ticket, while children above three years of age get charged $35.

A visit here would be a much better option than going for an RV travel show Denver has to offer since it can be very entertaining indeed.

Denver Art Museum

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This may be down on excitement and fun offered by aquarium, zoo, and Elitch gardens, but it can be a great way to relax and wind down. Even the building with its unique angular shape and a sculpture in the form of a broom are quite unique, and they reflect the contents inside. This is a family-friendly museum that has a dedicated area for kids to get entertained. Children can try on new costumes and come up with their own form of art. There are many activities like puzzles, games, and other exhibits that can keep children interested. Even though there is also a children’s museum at this location, the Denver travel tips would recommend this option.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Even though this is not technically Denver, it is an excellent choice for people looking for some quiet time away from the city. It helps children get to appreciate the natural wonder in Colorado, and it is often one of the recommendations when making the Denver Colorado travel plan. You have to travel three hours by car to Glenwood Springs to reach this destination. Despite the travel, you can be assured about safety since it is an excellent place for families to hang out in nature. This is primarily an excellent choice for families that do not have experience in going on hiking trails.

Located at an altitude of 7100 feet, it is accessible by a gondola. There are multiple cave tours – King’s Row Tour, Wild Tour, and Fairy Caves Tour – available here. The latter is considered to be of moderate difficulty, and it lasts around 40 minutes. It is a trek that covers around a quarter of a mile. The Wild Tour will be an intense workout that lasts about two hours while you may even be required to crawl at times. If you are planning a Denver travel plan, it should be remembered that this tour can be booked only by reservation.

These caves can be extremely cold, and people are required to wear appropriate clothing. Due to the high-altitude conditions, travelers should also be aware of the problematic terrain before they make the journey. There are also multiple thrill rides at Glenwood. This can also be a good place to get Denver travel trailer rental.

Places to Eat and Stay

The culinary scene at Denver has been thriving of late, and many new food halls are turning out into a new trend. These food halls can provide a large number of choices without any waiting in the queue. They can also be a great way to experience cheap travel to Denver without having to spend a lot of money on food. It is possible to find a specialist restaurant if you are the kind of person who likes to have an extravagant meal.

Conclusion: Downtown is a great place to explore the city and get some excellent accommodation options. There are hotels available for almost every budget. Some hotels may even provide a complimentary car rental service to reach nearby destinations.

What is your opinion on Denver travel destinations? Let us know in the comments. We are curious to find out about secret places!

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