May 26, 2024

Top Reasons Why Denver Business Owners Should Use Text Messaging

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Small business owners need to find cost-effective and efficient ways of communicating to their target audiences because not only do they do not have elaborate marketing setups but usually there are very severe budgetary restrictions. With mobile phones becoming ubiquitous in all populations across the globe, SMS marketing is no longer a luxury enjoyed by large companies but an imperative for even small businesses. A quick look at the top reasons why text marketing is vital for entrepreneurs wanting to put their businesses into the fast lane:


For the busy entrepreneur who has to manage all the aspects of the business mostly by himself, it can be difficult to attend to phone calls by customers round-the-clock. Since many customers are turned off when they find an answering machine at the other end and refuse to leave their queries behind, a text messaging strategy can be a wonderful solution. Using an SMS-enabled landline hooked up to a texting software platform, customers can get responses to their queries in real-time. Using the same arrangement, the business can also reach customers and other stakeholders with important messages in a non-intrusive manner.

High Open Rate of Text Messages Ensures That Your Message Is Read 

While email has been the pillar of marketing communications for very long and lots of businesses swear by it, analysis reveals that only about 22% of all marketing emails are opened by their recipients. Even this is very high when you compare it to the engagement rate of social media like Facebook that is a meager 0.2%. Text messages, on the other hand, have an unbelievable open rate of 98%. This means that virtually everyone opens all their text messages. Text messages also score over emails because unlike emails they never end up in a spam folder, where it never gets noticed by the recipient. Even social media that has received a lot of hype in recent years often fails because the posts are made when the user is not active and the content gets buried under an avalanche of other content. This means that when you have something really important to communicate, the best method is an SMS.


Sending text is one of the most economical methods of reaching out to customers and other stakeholders. Sending out bulk SMS using a software platform hardly costs anything even when thousands of messages are being sent out. When compared to traditional modes of advertising in the print or electronic media or even buying advertisement spots on popular social media, SMS marketing costs can be unbelievably low, especially when you take into account that you can target audiences very specifically and that the open rate and response rate of the messages are the highest among all communication channels. The low cost and the high response rate make it ideal for small businesses that typically have limited budgets. Click here more details on how SMS campaign costs are structured.


All over the world, people are switching over to their mobiles as their primary means of communication and entertainment. What most users were doing on their desktop computers less than a decade back is now being done on mobile devices. When a small business uses text marketing campaigns to reach out to customers, there are two positive outcomes. They can reach customers even when they are on the go and secondly, they project themselves as being mobile-friendly and thus progressive. The other benefit of using text campaigns is that since mobile phones are being used by people of every cross-section, businesses can target a larger demographic profile and reach out to many more people with the same message.

Quick Delivery

A great advantage of text messaging is that the message delivery is almost instantaneous so when the entrepreneur presses the send button, he can be sure that the recipients will receive the message immediately. According to statistics, the average response time for a text message is 90 seconds compared to 90 minutes of an email. This makes text messages a perfect medium for announcing special product promotions that are valid for a limited time or flash sales with heavy discounts. The prep time for getting an SMS campaign ready is very short compared to other modes of communication where you need to prepare an appealing design or undertake large volume printing. After a business takes a marketing decision, the text messages can be sent out without any delay since there are no intermediate steps to take like shooting photographs and making a design. 

Easy for Customers to Opt-Out

The goodwill of the business is built on how it interacts with the people at large, who may not even be among the potential customers. The reason why SMS marketing is so effective is that the process starts with people who are genuinely interested in your business and its products opting in to receive messages. If by any chance, they discover that they are not the right type of people to get these messages, they can also very easily opt-out of the subscription because marketing ethics demand that you give them an easy option to do so. This convenience is appreciated by everyone because intrusive messages are universally disliked. Businesses that give the option of unsubscribing are respected and it is quite possible that the customer now opting out could return to the fold at a later point of time or be addressed more effectively with a different channel of communication.

Better Quality of Engagement 

Since text messages are convenient, easy to deal with, can be received on the go, and well-known, it emerges as an extremely high-performance communication channel much favored by marketers. Since text messages are generally not perceived to be intrusive, they can be used to build a healthy relationship with customers. By sending text messages that are value-added and pertinent to the customer, you encourage customers to keep the relationship alive and come back again for more purchases. 


With its cost-efficiency and high rates of engagement, SMS marketing has emerged as a very handy tool for business promotion and customer service for small businesses that have limited budgets and even more limited time to plan elaborate marketing campaigns. 

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