May 26, 2024

Best Way to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages

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Just how our smartphones are getting sleek and smarter, texting has enormously evolved too over all these years! Now it’s no more a deal of sending a bunch of plain texts confined in the limit of 160 characters and has become far more humungous on the contrary. We can now share emojis, GIFs, live location, pictures, videos and what not! And agree or not, but texting has its own set of benefits. It does not just allow us to connect with our friends but also saves us from boredom especially when we’re caught up at an awkwardly crowdy place.

Talking of texting, Facebook Messenger is like the go-to friendly texting place that allows us to connect with our friends and followers. Facebook Messenger came in action around 2008 and since then there’s no looking back and the app has certainly got better with each new update. Texting is not just a mode of communication but it’s an emotion! So, have you ever accidentally deleted a Facebook message and felt annoyed over losing it? Well, your worries may end now! In this post, we will be covering some of the best ways to retrieve deleted Facebook messages easily so that you don’t feel lost without your precious memories.

Let’s get started.

Archive Messages

Just to be safe and sure, archiving your message threads is one of the best things you can do to keep your texts stored. Wondering why? Well, once a conversation is moved to archive then it becomes super easy to retrieve your deleted messages without any hassle. Archiving your conversations can let you have a peace of mind that your texts are stored somewhere safe, away from the threats or any mishap that may arise in the future.
Follow these quick steps to archive a message thread on Facebook.

First, open “” on your PC and sign up with your Facebook user ID and password.

Now select any conversation that you need to archive.

Tap the gear icon on the top-right corner of the conversation to open Settings.

Tap on “Archive” option.

You can repeat the same set of steps for all the conversation threads that you need to preserve, especially the ones that are too precious to be lost or the ones that include valuable information. And even if you delete the messages on your device, the archive option will keep all your texts preserved.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages from Archive

The next step to retrieve deleted Facebook messages is to recover the data that you’ve stored in archive folders.

Launch on your PC and sign it to your account.

Tap on the down-arrow icon on the top-right corner and select “Settings”.

In the General Account Settings window, select “Your Facebook information” option from the left menu pane.

In this section, you can view your stored Facebook information and also download a copy of it to that can help you to recover deleted Facebook messages. Tap on “Download your information” option.

In the next window, you will see a bunch of different options where you can select what all of the information you need to retrieve. To recover Facebook messages, scroll down below and check on “Messages” option.

Once you’ve selected “Messages” scroll above and tap on “Create File” option. Also, you can also choose filters to advanced your search, like Data Range to pick up data from a certain period of time, or the format of the file, quality, etc.

Wait for a few minutes after you request a copy of your Facebook data. Facebook will notify you once the copy is created so that you can download it on your device.

This process can also take up around 2-3 hours of a long time if your Facebook account comprises of a lot of messaging data.

Once Facebook is done, it will notify you and share one download ink that you can access to recover deleted Facebook messages.

Tap on this notification link to proceed further.

To download the copy of your requested Facebook data tap on the “Download” button. You will have to re-enter the user ID and password due to security reasons. Once your copy has been created, it will be available for download for a few days.

So folks here was the quickest way to retrieve deleted Facebook messages. Creating an archive of your social media data on Facebook is the best option to keep your messages preserved. Even if you accidentally delete a Facebook text from any device, the archive option can save you from losing any precious piece of information. So, now if you delete a conversation accidentally, don’t be frustrated. You know what you have to do, right?

Summary: – Have you ever accidentally deleted a Facebook message and felt annoyed over losing it? Well, your worries may end now! Here is the quickest way to retrieve deleted Facebook message to keep your precious memories intact!

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