May 24, 2024

Seven best Neighborhoods in Denver to Move

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Neighborhoods in DenverTo have an ideal lifestyle, everything matters: where you’re employed, where you live, where you eat, what you wear, your neighborhood, etc. Denver is among the best places to live as a professional as well as an ordinary person. A city with enriching history: established in the mid of 1800s as a colliery hub during the gold-rush, Denver has made substantial progress ever since its Wild West days. With time, Denver’s tenants have progressed from gunslinger gamblers into a blasé pack of avant-garde thinkers, gym enthusiasts and naturalists who are willing to push the boundaries on the whole kit and caboodle: from civil liberties to drug and narcotic edicts.

Moving to Denver is the right choice: plenty of beautiful sceneries, opportunities for professionals especially I.T. related, fantastic architecture, sun available almost the whole year, moderate temperature, good food and of course, down-to-earth people. There is not a single thing missing in the city: good company, culture and activities, cool neighbours, etc. However, still choosing where to live in Denver or choosing the right neighborhood is an overwhelming situation. Inhabitants in Denver belong to upper-middle class, and there are numerous stores where redeeming of online discount Coupon codes such as on groceries, gym memberships, bars, etc. is a common trend. Luckily, we have combined a list of best neighborhoods in Denver. Take a look at the guide and decide which one is better for you and your family.

Country Club

With a population of about 3170, Country Club in Denver is an excellent neighborhood to choose. Country Club provides its inhabitants with a homey-feel, majority of people living here own the houses. There are few attributes associated with any residential area or neighborhood: access to mouth-watering restaurants, grocery stores, and public transport. In Country Club, there are multiple restaurants, parks, bars, and coffee shops. Most of the families live here have adequate political tendencies. 

South Broadway (SoBo)

There is a unique aspect of every neighborhood or place in Denver; the same is the case with SoBo. If you are a arts fanatic and passionate about culture, this is your place for real estate. Numerous recent expansions are happening in Denver, and those expansions bring innovative arts and reformed cultures to this area. Offering everything you could wish for: fantastic food, various bars/pubs, gaming and other activities; SoBo is a likeable choice to make. For art fanatics, Baker is your pace-to-go. Unearth antiques, paintings, and other such arts and cultural items which will transform your household into an exotic home. 


Working from nine-to-five means, you are tired and have no energy left to make a meal. You will never worry about food, drinks, or for a place you want to relax but stay close to home. LoDo is the perfect neighborhood for you – everything is at a short stroll’s distance. You want a drink – there are many bars you will face difficulty selecting one, you want to eat something different – there are numerous café’s offering unique cuisines, you want to play something – there are places you can play a game of Rookie. In short, you have everything available in LoDo. 


A neighborhood which offers you ranch-style house in affordable prices, a school within reach, and other necessities of life. It is listed among the best neighborhoods in the town that facilitate a reasonable sales price. A quiet neighborhood, unlike the central city, Belcaro doesn’t have a great deal to contribute in regards to stores. There is a locally owned boutique known as Wish Gifts, with entertaining cotillions and party favors, home decoration objects, and stuff for almost every occasion.

Washington Park (Wash Park)

The 165 acre stretch of grass, lakes, trees and jogging track, is what marks Wash Park an advisable and desirable district in Denver. Other than nature, the architecture from the 1920s and top view of mountains makes it more than a desirable place. Washington Park is among the best neighborhoods in Denver due to the solitary air – the peace, and calmness it provides to its inhabitants. Although this does not mean it is isolated from the outside activities: there are multiple pubs, diners, coffee shops, and other places to hang out with your friends. Furthermore, Washington Park’s inhabitants are amicable and warm people – they will welcome you, open-heartedly. It also has one of the best schools in town: Bromwell Elementary.

The Highlands

Denver is not loud like the rest of the cities in the States – you will find peace and silence in almost every district and neighborhood. The Highlands is the same: there is peace with mountains defining the area. However, do not think that the neighborhood is dull and plain. No. It has the most significant diversity of the neighborhood, intact. The area is famous for its Farmer’s market, which is simply the best. A neighborhood in northwest Denver which offers an unparalleled suburban feeling. 

Cherry Creek

If you want to stay close to shopping malls and local boutiques; Cherry Creek the neighborhood for you. Offering a plethora of shopping stores and it is the neighborhood’s flagship. People in this neighborhood are friendly, and in contrast to other neighbours’, this place is categorized as an upscale area. Situated in the West of LoDo, Cherry Creek is a grand suburban neighborhood. Art is another attraction here after shopping, and every year on the first week of July, the neighborhood hosts a Cherry Creek Arts Festival. If you’re working in the LoDo and desire a sophisticated daily life, Cherry Creek is the perfect neighborhood for you. It’s a paradise for shopaholics and offers tons of facilities including those you’ll find available in the downtown area.

In a Nutshell 

Denver is a place swarming with opportunities for all. If you are seeking a career in I.T. and finance, you will be staying in Denver for a long time. There are massive activities the city offers, and the best thing about Denver is its neighborhoods. Though every area provides something unique, what’s common is the comfort as well as the friendly people. Moving to Denver and selecting any of the neighborhoods mentioned above will offer you everything you desire to have in your life.

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