April 20, 2024

Discover the Popular Landscaping Trends in Denver for 2019

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landscapingHere’s something that Denver residents know well: When there are more than 300 days of sunshine in a year, it’s hard to stay indoors. The Mile High City’s sunny weather and low humidity make it a paradise for anyone who loves to be outside. Even when winter rolls around, the season is typically mild with short-lived snow piles, which melt fast enough for residents to quickly get back to enjoying outdoor spaces.

Local residents like to create their own personal paradises as well. For indoor spaces, this is well-known. People spend big bucks on furnishing their houses. But what about outdoor spaces?

Few things are more comfortable than sitting on the patio for friends and family, swapping stories and having some laughs. And at the end of the night, you can relax around a fire pit, enjoying the crackling flames.

If that’s a vision you want to bring to life on your own property, it helps to keep up with the most popular landscaping trends in Denver. Here are some tips to use as you come up with a unique plan to suit your property.


There are two major questions to ask yourself when you consider landscaping strategies:

1)     What do you want types of systems and features do you want to incorporate into your outdoor space?

2)     What types of plants do you want to thrive near your home?

The types of systems and features you use will affect the functionality and eco-friendliness of your landscaping efforts. The plants will beautify your space, and maybe even provide your family with some edible treats.

Systems and Features

The following are some popular landscaping features and systems that will help you create your ideal outdoor space in Denver:   

Versatile Features  

In the fall and spring, weather conditions can be pretty unpredictable. In response, you should aim to make a space that’s flexible enough to adjust to these changes ASAP. Try a pergola with a retractable canopy that protects plants during sudden weather changes. This allows you to accommodate plants types that require varying degrees of sunlight, as well. Pergolas aren’t the only features that add maximum versatility to outdoor spaces. Install landscape lighting to feature plants and make your outdoor space feel cozy and welcoming throughout the night. 


The Appeal of Fire Pits

A landscape design isn’t complete without a fire pit. Fire pits are a great feature for outdoor spaces because they can be used any time of year. Impress guests with a stone fire pit that matches your patio theme. This is a smart way to expand your living space, increase the value of your home, and complement your overall landscape design.

Maintain Your Irrigation System

Kids love playing in the sprinklers, especially on the warmest summer days. But, aside from entertaining your kids, your irrigation system has a very important job to do. Here are some features to consider implementing:

       Use drip lines to deliver water directly to your plant’s roots. This reduces the amount of water that ends up evaporating.

       Use directional sprinkler heads to send water to areas of your yard that need it most.

       Use smart irrigation controllers to exercise full control over your irrigation system and automate the process.

Is your sprinkler system as efficient as possible? If you haven’t had it serviced or replaced recently, reach out to Denver sprinkler repair and installation experts. They can assess your current system, offer suggestions, and physically provide the solutions.


Using hardscaping to your yard decreases water usage and adds a beautiful aesthetic. Hardscaping is any hard surface utilized within your yardscape including tile, gravel, or stamped concrete. Concrete is the number one most used manmade material in the world. For example, you can easily install hardscapes by designing a pebble pathway through your yard or installing a tile patio. 

Luckily, hardscapes are easy to DIY and can be a cost effective way to add more variety to your yard. These materials often last a long time, meaning you spend less on repairs or replacements. Or if you are renting, this is something you could talk to your property management about.

Planting Strategy

Here are some popular trends that will help you fill your yard with beautiful and sustainable plant life:

Organic Fertilizer

Your flowers will thank you when you switch out your chemical variety fertilizer for organic. Not only is it healthier for your plants, but it’s more water-efficient, cost effective, and safer for you and other wildlife. To generally boost plant health, till six inches of soil combined with organic fertilizer. This will help plants grow a better root system to get more nutrients.

Plants with Low Water Needs

Investing in plants that thrive in dry climates is the best thing you can do in Colorado, where you’re lucky to get 16 inches of rain a year. To save on water use and spending, it’s best to choose native plants that have adapted to the climate. Xeriscape your yard by adding trees like aspen and pine. Plants like garden sage and Rocky Mountain zinnias provide a lovely complement to landscaping design. 

Wild Flowers for Pops of Color

If you’d like to embrace the natural backdrop of the Colorado outdoors, wildflowers are the perfect addition to any yard. There are so many varieties and colors of wildflowers native to Colorado, it will be difficult to choose just a few. Try a longleaf phlox to add a beautiful soft purple hue to your yard. Blue columbine, the state flower of Colorado, fills gaps in landscaping with its pointed blooms. Choosing native plants ensures that your landscaping design is low maintenance, eco-friendly, and distinctly Colorado.

Grass Tips

Cut down on water use by implementing smaller patches of grass around your property. Separate landscaped areas with grass pathways or reserve larger grass areas for specific outdoor gathering areas. Make sure to choose a hardy grass variety that survives the fluctuating Colorado seasons. 

Additionally, be knowledgeable of watering times in your area. Most areas enforce early morning or late evening watering times only. It’s essential to conserve water where possible, so avoid the overuse of water and repair sprinkler systems in a timely manner. Also, shut-off hoses and water valves when not in use. 

Investing in cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass avoids overwatering. But be sure to keep up with regular maintenance of any grass type. This ensures a healthy-looking lawn that increases the value of your home.

Edible Ideas

Introducing edible options to your yard is an environmentally friendly idea. For example, bee farming is a great natural resource for honey and encourages wildflower pollination. You can also incorporate natural herbs and vegetables for a clean diet, or use a grape vine for extra shade on your pergola.

Just because these strategies are popular doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be enduring. As the climate continues to change, and technology continues to advance, new landscaping trends are bound to emerge. Stay in contact with your local landscaping experts to stay updated on new ways to create a sustainable and gorgeous paradise right outside your door. 


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