June 13, 2024

SEO for Denver Small Business Owners

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Online marketing has grown exponentially in the past few years as the internet and technology continue to become faster and smarter. The over saturation of SEO services, self-proclaimed professionals, and quick magic fixes for excellent Google page rankings in the online market has created a confusing space for Denver businesses looking to grow their online presence and success. 

Firestarter SEO is a team of Denver-focused experts in SEO driven to provide results and improve rankings by offering a variety of full SEO and online marketing services. With the special interest in the Denver community, a level of familiarity and individuality is applied to the work that is provided, giving Colorado based businesses a big push to that first page Google ranking every company strives for. 

The SEO Scene In Denver

So, how does all of this SEO work? With the use of location and keywords, Google will provide the best results for your searches. Firestarter SEO aims to improve the quality of your website and it’s ranking to increase visibility and reach. For local small businesses, this is a valuable tactic to add to your marketing plan. 

To fully understand how Firestarter SEO produces results and transforms the marketing strategy of local Denver and Colorado businesses, here are some real life examples of successful companies that grew their online traffic and increased revenue by standing above and beyond other Denver businesses in their industry. It starts with SEO, and it blossoms from there. 

See for yourself!

Real Examples Of How Expert SEO Can Improve Business

With the use of SEO services such as link building, content creation, and page optimization, these companies have used our monthly packages to see real results. 


After MCA came to Firestarter to improve their ranking, they saw an increase of over 1,000 visits to their website monthly, which helped in turn to grow their business and take off in the world of Denver online marketing. 

How did they see such a massive increase in exposure? Redesign, keywords, and expansion. These are the key elements in online marketing, especially in Colorado and Denver areas. 55 keywords were strategically placed on the first page of the website, and 50 more placed on the second page. As the Google ranking index crawls the web analyzing and evaluating the sites on there, it chooses where to place each one. 

By incorporating the best keywords naturally into the website’s pages, this company was able to use Firestarter’s services offered in the redesign package to grow the amount of visits, and increase the exposure of their brand online. This translates into direct clients coming to your business. It all begins online. 

Urban Design Floors

When Firestarter SEO picked up Urban Design Floors, a rework of their website content was done to increase the amount of effective keywords used on the most visited pages. By adding 24 more seamlessly integrated keywords into the front page of their website and tweaking the way the business approached SEO, the website managed to land in the #5 spot on Google when searching for local keywords relevant to what their services offer. 

This sort of a leap in exposure on Google is incredible, and it’s proof that SEO really does work. The keywords matter, but it’s much more than just spamming relevant phrases. A team of experts in this area of marketing can optimize content to include more helpful keywords that will not seem out of place, but instead simply enhance the website’s quality. It worked for Urban Design Floors and the simple changes turned into 59 hard leads in just 6 months for their business. 

Boyle Law Firm 

Above all, the point of SEO is to reach that coveted #1 spot on Google for the search results you see fitting your business best. Firestarter was able to create this dream into a reality for Boyle Law Firm, which now stands at #1 for two different search results in their local area. 

241 leads have been brought to this business after Firestarter stepped in and used their SEO services and packages to create a high-quality website, pages, and functional blog of informational articles. The organic searches done on related subjects get the blog pieces seen, by using keywords woven in with quality information and writing. 

Through these blog posts, people find and discover the Boyle Law Firm services, and from there, a new sale is made and revenue increases. Online marketing gets all of this done at a lightning speed, creating an incredible marketplace for local shoppers using the internet. You need to be on that front page on Google to get seen and make it all happen though. 

Denver Tax Advisor 

How much visibility can Firestarter get your business? 189 leads that came from a simple, organic Google search helped to shove Denver Tax Advisor right up through the rankings for multiple #1 spots on Google. +296 Net Rankings, to be specific. 

While Denver Tax Advisor is one of the search results that places this business at #1, Denver tax planning is a the same ranking place. This shows how different keywords are just as important and how you can get several different possible clients and angles working all at once through a local SEO package with Firestarter. 

Improving Your Online Presence With SEO Experts

Though like any marketing strategy that can be learned, SEO is best done when an experienced professional with trained eyes can perform the required steps to improving your Google ranking and encourage traffic to your website and business.

Why Firestarter SEO? Many similar companies can provide real results, like the examples shown above, but the team at Firestarter is in touch with Denver and the needs that small Denver businesses have. The understanding of the learning curve, the competitive rates, specialized attention to individual brands, and the constant brainstorming and creation helps keep the results flowing in. 

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