June 13, 2024

No More Loud Toys! 4 Headache-Free Gifts that Your Kids Will Love

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Young man reading a book lying on soft mattress in relaxing bed at terrace with green nature view. Fresh air in the morning of weekend or free day. Relax or education background idea. Selective focus.Every parent knows that one toy. The one that makes loud, reverberating shrieks at random intervals in the toy chest. Or the toy that requires new double-A batteries every four hours. In short, some of your kid’s toys are just plain obnoxious.

Romper recently released an article about one such toy that will undoubtedly be driving parents to the brink of a migraine this coming Christmas season. Meet Yellies, the toy Romper says “your kids won’t be able to stop screaming at.”

The small, stuffed toy looks somewhat like a smiling caterpillar or spider. Created by Hasbro, Yellies come in a variety of shapes, colors, and “personalities.” Their true maddening magic, however, comes from how they operate. The louder your child yells, the faster the little spider pet races across the floor. The toys will be available online and in stores starting in October.

While Yellies could delight children for hours, some parents might find the toy a bit exhausting. Luckily, there are other toy options out there that are a little quieter and that even parents will enjoy. Here are a few suggestions for toys that won’t give you a migraine:

4 Toys you and Your Kids will Love

  1. The Big One
    Rather than filling an already-stuffed toybox, consider putting funds towards a bigger, joint gift. Items like ping-pong tables, volleyball nets, or vacation tickets can all bring the family together.
  2. Game Night
    Another great gift that’s family oriented is a board game. Think about what reading level your kids are at before picking out a new game. Uno, for example, is great for younger kids who know their numbers and colors.
  3. Books!
    Some kids claim they don’t like books, but often what they mean is that they don’t like feeling like a bad reader in school, or don’t like being forced to read uninteresting material. Think about your child’s specific interests and likes as well as their reading level. You might be surprised how much time they spend quietly looking through that book about sharks.
  4. Creative Gifts
    There are a whole host of toys designed to spark children’s imagination and creativity. Building blocks, Legos, and crayons may be a tad messy, but they offer adults the chance to sit down and make something new with children.

If your kids end up with toys that make their dreams and your nightmares come true, fear not. British research has found that the average 10-year old kid has about 238 toys but only plays with 12 daily. The odds are in your favor. They may not even like that annoying thing for long. Next time a birthday or holiday rolls around, consider choosing one of these four gift ideas to save you and your family the headache.

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