July 16, 2024

How Will Your Life Change When You Adopt a Dog?

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Adopting a dog is a life-changing event. However, you might not realize it when you first start considering adding a dog to your family. You might think that they are low-maintenance pets, like a fish or a hamster. However, when you adopt a dog, your life will never be the same. Here are some ways that your life will change.

You’ll Be Sharing Everything

A Queen size mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Your dog will find a way to fill every single one of those inches. So be ready for snuggles. You’ll also find yourself sharing snacks, couches, and your shoes as chew toys. What is yours now also belongs to your dog, who will repay you in love.

You’ll Need to Plan Ahead

Spontaneous vacations are a thing of the past once you get a dog. You are responsible for their health and well-being so make sure that you have everything set up for them if you need to go away. If you are leaving Denver for a week, for example, find a dog sitter who will take care of them as well as you would. Your dog will be happy and you’ll have peace of mind as you go on your adventures.

Your Social Life Will Be Dog-Centric

Once you adopt a dog, you’ll find that they come to a lot of places with you. Your social life might begin to revolve around going places that are dog-friendly. Thankfully, if you live in Denver, there are plenty of places that will welcome both of you. So be on the lookout for breweries, hiking trails, and lakes where you and your dog can have fun! While you won’t need to bring your dog to every social event, having a variety of dog-friendly options can make it easier to get out and have fun.

You’ll Get More Exercise

Your dog is going to require regular walks and you’ll be the one taking them. This means that you’ll also get more exercise. The amount of exercise your dog will need is going to depend on factors like their breed and their age. A Goldendoodle, for example, requires 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each day. While these regular walks might make your legs ache at first, you’ll find that they get easier. This increased exercise will also be beneficial to your overall health, helping with things like circulation and digestion.

You’ll Go With the Flow More

If you’re a very uptight person, getting a dog will change that. A dog is a living thing that can be chaotic and unpredictable. In order to successfully adopt one and have both of you thrive, you’ll need to learn to loosen up and let things go sometimes. Dogs poop and tear things up. They’ll jump on you and you’ll need to teach them how to behave. But sometimes you’ll also need to just go with what is happening if no one is getting hurt. Your dog is going to put you in this position and you’ll find that you get more and more used to it as time goes on.

Your life will change when you adopt a dog. While some of these changes might take some getting used to, they will make your life better overall. A dog provides unconditional love and companionship. Just be sure that you’re ready to take care of the rest of it as well. Keep these things in mind when you’re considering adopting a dog in Denver or anywhere else. By going in knowing what to expect, you can make plans ahead of time and focus on getting you and your dog used to each other’s presence.

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