April 14, 2024

Denver Startup Achieves Success in Social Media

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Denver-based social media startup Wayin recently announced that it closed a $13.1 million Series C round, leading many industry experts to project that the company will continue to grow and earn a prominent spot among leading media-based companies. Since its beginning in 2011, Wayin has taken advantage of the increase of social media usage; it collects postings from various social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter, which pertain to each client, and it displays these posts in real time on the client’s website, mobile app, or other digital platform. Wayin’s latest major development centered around the 2014 World Cup: it created a website for the U.S. Soccer team which allowed visitors to view related videos and stay updated with what other fans were talking about.

The biggest advantage of Wayin’s strategy is that is consolidates information from a variety of sources into one platform, making it easier for audiences to stay updated and for the client to connect with its target audience. Beyond just simple consolidation, Wayin’s strategy is exceptionally successful because it provides high-quality and appropriate content through extensive filtering, and because it provides the information in real time, allowing a client’s audience to interact with events as they are happening. Ultimately, Wayin’s success is based on its ability to make the digital world more personal and customized, without sacrificing the instant connectivity and global awareness which technology has made possible and which audiences both need and expect.

Wayin’s success is certainly deserving of a pat on the back; when nearly eight out of ten new businesses fail within the first year of opening, it’s remarkable that Wayin hasn’t just been running since 2011, but has experienced monumental growth and has contributed to the world of social media so much. Wayin CEO Elaine Feeney Wood has noted that audiences appreciate Wayin’s platforms because “they feel like they’re part of telling the story” rather than just being outside viewers, and Wayin’s clients appreciate the platforms because they are provided with enough information to stay updated with current news, make correlations between audience trends, and plan future marketing strategies.

Based on Wayin’s past success, experts predict that it will only continue to gain clients, investors, and widespread appeal. Since its launch in 2011, Wayin has garnered over $32 million and has gained many high-profile investors who believe that it will continue to grow and develop.

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