July 24, 2024

Denver Botanic Garden Hosts Chihuly’s Garden Cycle

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The Denver Botanic Gardens has seen some interesting additions this summer: artist Dale Chihuly, known for his fantastical blown glass sculptures, has partnered with the Denver Botanic Gardens for an exhibition of Chihuly’s collection titled Garden Cycle, which will be open to the public now through November. This collection has been displayed at a dozen other outdoor exhibits, and some of the pieces were damaged, which caused some worry that the exhibition wouldn’t hold up in Denver’s notoriously finicky and hail-prone weather. But so far, so good.

Chihuly is known for his distinct style of blown glass pieces, but he incorporated paint, paper, neon, and Polyvitro (a plastic that he invented himself) in this particular exhibit. The sculptures were placed throughout the gardens, and many viewers noted that the pieces almost seemed to be extensions of the actual plants. Chihuly has stated that he prefers his work to be shown in natural environments, “like it came from nature, so that if someone found it on a beach or in the forest, they might think it belonged there.” Kim Manajek, the Associate Director of Exhibits at Denver Botanic Garden, has noted a widespread appreciation of Chihuly’s exhibit among visitors. “It feels like it’s a natural thing,” Manajek states, “but it’s also a natural thing that takes your breath away.”

Feeling inspired? There’s no reason to leave all the garden decorating to the experts! A growing number of homeowners are finding that there are easy ways to add little something extra to their gardens – whether it’s a funky birdhouse, abstract architectural shapes, or even colorful planters, it’s easy to add a bit of fun to any garden without getting too tacky (lookin’ at you, garden gnomes and pink flamingos). Small additions like these are simple, affordable, and great for anyone who wants a fun environment without all the hassle of keeping flowers alive. (It’s so much harder that it looks. It really is.)

So make sure to stop by the Botanic Garden before the exhibit closes up, and maybe you’ll find the perfect inspiration for your own home decorations.

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