May 28, 2024

Denver Has Energized Interior Design of the Modern Age

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Where Are The Trendsetters Turning for Inspiration in Colorado?

Through the decades, interior design tends to fall into specific looks and trends that seem to represent generations or eras in the USA. For Colorado homes, their design takes a very proud, recognizable aesthetic and has for a very long time. Denver is a proud city, but a very progressive one, and this forward plight is reflected in the new era of interior design choices. 

To stay on track with the cutting edge design trends in Denver, you need to brush up on what the latest trendsetting styles have been appearing through 2019 and what we expect to see in 2020. The world of design is changing fast, and many of the old styles are becoming dated. While vintage is still a popular choice, some of these new, inspiring trends will breathe life into your home and rejuvenate your creative spirit. 

Where New Interior Design Inspiration Is Coming From

If you don’t have time to pour over every design magazine or journal out there, don’t fret. Much of the interior design scene in Denver remains similar, just with energized ideas changing the way we approach the creation of homes for the stylish, modern homeowner. Interior design doesn’t have to be expensive and difficult, but instead quite simple with a few easy changes and a little bit of help! Check out these incredible trends that we expect to see more of in 2020. 

Contrasting Colors 

If your home doesn’t have a small amount of “shock value”, you’re not entirely up with the times. Denver design experts have been noticing a big surge in bright colors, especially the ones that you wouldn’t first think would go well together. A lot of blues, purples, and yellows are being found in living spaces and in the patterns that are used to warm up a home and throw some personality and character into the living spaces. 

With the rise of services like Airbnb, homes are becoming much more than just your place to decompress and relax. Now, they are potential points for income, they are the hosts to travelers from all over. You want to be memorable, and the colorful prints and patterns help enhance that creative aesthetic that Denver is all about. 


Denver is big on the progressive generation. The whole city is awash with creative souls, activist personalities, and bright ideas all filled to the brim with innovation and resourcefulness. Thrifting is a popular trend among many homeowners and designers, and with a very youthful approach to the way things should look now, even the most experienced trendsetters are taking cues from the fresher faces on the scene. 

A lot of the design choices may seem bold, but Denver embraces the cutting edge changes and new ideas with wide open arms. Now, not everyone is as eager to be brave like this, but you’ll see many of the most celebrated homes and trends including controversial or unusual elements in their decor. 

Breath of Life 

Plants are in. You see in interior design magazines and slides all over the country featuring homes with large, leafy greens across counters and stashed in corners. Sometimes they’re the focal point of a room, and other times, small enhancements to be enjoyed as your eyes take in the beautiful space. Either way, these living plants are bringing a lot to the interior design scene, and some people there really can’t be enough life in the home. 

If you’re a busy person, like many of us Denver residents are, you don’t have to go for the miniature trees and demanding flowers. Instead, grab a few succulents or self-sufficient plant breeds and let them brighten your corners. Plants help to hit every trendy point in interior design as we go into 2020 – they’re vibrant, welcoming, and full of life. 

Functional Spaces 

There was a time when less was more, and then that belief faded away for a bit… but it’s back in full swing. Due to the slightly limited space in a lot of newer Denver homes and the increasing demand for available real estate, buildings and layouts are getting smaller and more functional. Don’t fret! This has actually been a great thing for the city. 

When you hear “functional spaces”, what first comes to mind? Take a look around some of the common modern Denver homes and think about ways you can condense your living space, utilize storage ideas, and improve functionality in your home. 2020 is going to be the greenest year yet, with nearly every homeowner choosing energy efficient windows and plumbing, and  coming up with organic and healthy ways to give back to the Earth. Put that same resourcefulness into the layout of your home during a remodel and condense on clutter. 

Less Modern, More Warmth 

Remember the whole space-themed, modernized look of sleek, monotone matching designs? Well, out with the cold, stand-offish appeal of the modern look, and in with the warm colors and home-y settings. Cool tones have quickly fallen out of style, and the new trend that is appearing in homes all over Denver are ones that highlight the heart of a person’s home. 

Expect to see lots of Earthy shades, more patterns and fabrics, and space being taken up. The modern look of large open rooms, silver and grey primary colors, and blocky furniture sometimes still appears, but it’s usually used to compliment the colorful, inviting warmth of a home to give it a bit of a classy shine. Don’t be afraid to explore orange, yellow, and green as you redecorate your home. 

How To Keep Up With The Times

Denver Interior Design is a booming business right now as the real estate options explode all over Colorado, especially in this city. As a buyer or seller, now is the best time to utilize the amazing real estate market, or as a homeowner, capitalize on the value of your home by getting help remodeling and designing parts of your home that have fallen behind the times. 

Follow these innovative inspiration points that have been molding the current design scene in Denver and come up with warm, bright ideas of your own to create a happier home and welcoming living space. Not only will you benefit now, but years down the line when it’s time to sell and start somewhere new! 

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