June 18, 2024

Australian Medical Association Shades Wellness ‘Guru’ Who Touts Staring Into The Sun

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It’s doesn’t take much browsing to find every manner of fitness routine, wellness regiment, and celebrity touted product/process that’s the next best for bettering yourself. Generally speaking, there are two types of exercise equipment: cardio equipment and strength equipment. In most cases, people just need to spend more time on those pieces of equipment. But, we love fads and consumers are always lining up to buy into the new thing that the perfectly bodied Instagram models are pushing.

People are pretty open to subscribing to whatever, but we all have our limits. Australian Instagram wellness guru (we use that term very lightly) Pete Evans recently received a lot of flak by praising the benefits of staring into the sun. We’ll get to the moral of the story ahead of time, don’t stare into the sun. There are no benefits to doing so. It’s terrible for your eyes and can cause irreversible damage in a few seconds.

The response from the Australian Medical Association is even better. Evans has a history of farcical wellness claims that aren’t backed by a shred of scientific evidence. Like, that fluoride in water is the root of society’s problems. Yes, fluoride treatments that kids get every six months during dental exams to keep their teeth strong and healthy. The root of all evil. Now he’s telling his 200,000 plus Instagram followers to stare into the sun.

The Australian Medical Association shut it all down with some well-deserved shade regarding his nonsense advice:

“We’re getting a little tired of saying this but: please don’t follow advice from Pete Evans. Especially if he’s suggesting you ‘gaze’ at the sun,” the tweet read.

We thank them for clearing that up. It’s always prudent to fact check fads and wellness gurus claiming to have the answers for physical health. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much of a fact check to know you shouldn’t stare into the sun. Let’s be responsible citizens of earth and take our wellness advice from a place that provides proof. Not Instagram, but Science.

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