June 23, 2024

4 Medical Appointments Your Child Can’t Miss This Year

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Doctor’s appointments are opportunities for your child’s doctor to assess their development and make sure that there is nothing wrong. They also allow you and your child to ask any questions that you might have and receive an answer. Here are four medical appointments that your child can’t miss this year.


Your child should go to the pediatrician at least once a year. The number of appointments your child needs will vary based on their age and health needs. After four years of age, it is recommended that children see their pediatrician for a checkup once a year. The pediatrician is your child’s primary care doctor, the one that knows them and their health needs best. This is where your child goes in Denver for their vaccines and yearly physicals. If you don’t go to the pediatrician this year, you might miss some issues that could develop into larger problems. So make sure that you make a pediatrician appointment and keep it.


Your child should go to the dentist about twice a year for a cleaning and examination. A 2019 survey showed that 30% of parents of three-year-old children said their child had excellent dental health. However, only 14% of parents of children aged 10 to 12 years old said the same thing. While your child should be brushing and flossing at home, that isn’t enough to fully care for the mouth. They need to get cleanings done with specialized equipment in the dentist’s office. The examination is very important as well. As your child’s mouth grows and develops, the dentist needs to be aware of any issues that might come up. Schedule a dentist appointment in Denver for your child this year in order to keep their oral hygiene excellent.

Eye Doctor

It is also very important that your child visits an eye doctor every year. Vision problems can have a negative impact on your child’s everyday life, so you want to get them treated as soon as possible. Children’s eyes change and develop quickly, so a yearly appointment is necessary in order to keep up with the changes. If your child has not seen an eye doctor yet, make an appointment this year. You should do this even if your child does not have a history of vision problems. There are many different things that can occur in the human eye and your eye doctor can help you deal with them.


While this might not apply to all children, anyone who sees a specialist in Denver or elsewhere needs to make an appointment for this year. Specialists are doctors who care for your child on a more specific basis than their pediatrician. Often, this is someone that your pediatrician has referred your child to. They do things like lab work, treatment, and examinations that your pediatrician does not offer. There are over 7 billion lab tests performed each year, many of them by specialists. These labs help patients find out what is wrong and how to handle it. So, if your child has been referred to a specialist, they cannot miss their appointments this year.

Medical appointments might not always be convenient, but they are essential to your child’s wellbeing. Many of them are done on a yearly basis in order to stay ahead of any problems and track your child’s development. These four medical appointments are among the most important that your child will have. It is very important that you do not miss them this year.

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