May 26, 2024

What Do Denver Homeowners Need to Know About Lawn Beautification?

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Creating an appealing outdoor area is an effective way of beautifying your home. Doing so can make your property more comfortable to live in and add value. Notably, landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by 14%. Undertaking lawn beautification is an effective way of improving your outdoor space. Here is what you need to know about lawn beautification as a Denver resident.

What Actions Should You Take Before Landscaping?

Although many plants and other beautification features can add beauty to your outdoor space, they may require a lot of maintenance time throughout the year. Research indicates that 90% of homeowners ascertain that it is essential to maintain their backyard. At the same time, two out of three opt to hire professional companies to take care of their shrubs, trees, and other woody plantations. How do you keep your landscaping project manageable?

First, you should thoroughly research the maintenance and growth of your plants before purchasing them. For instance, since hydroseeding can retain approximately 10 times its weight in water, chances of grass survival are high. Since some ground cover may get out of hand quickly, consider varieties that require edging one or two times annually.

Another way of maintaining your landscaping project is to consider planting perennials. Although annual flowers give a lot of dimension and color to a flower bed, they do not last long. Investing in perennial bushes and shrubs is an easy way of mitigating this issue.

Lastly, focus on maintaining your garden bed edges. Although you may have to invest your time in this activity, the work is worthwhile. A simple edging shovel can effectively clean the lines around the features in your landscape.

What Are Some Lawn Beautification Ideas To Consider?

The following are lawn beautification ideas to consider.

Light it Up – Adding strategically-positioned lights enhances the safety and security of your garden. Moreover, this feature also improves the landscape and adds ambiance. You do not have a huge budget to achieve this, since many budget-friendly solutions, including strings, solar, and spotlights, can help you achieve this. You can also consider seeking help from a local landscaping lighting firm to make the lighting more professional.

Introduce Formal Edging – Formal dividers help create distinct edges in the backyard borders, making maintenance work easier and defining and accentuating the spaces in your landscape. You can consider different edging methods, like adding steel, brick, or plastic borders around your lawn, using perennial borders, or laying gravel at the side of your patio or path. Moreover, taller edging protects certain areas from pets and individuals.

Create a Focal Point – Having a definite point in your backyard makes the area feel more intentional. Regardless of the focal point numbers, they help camouflage less desirable features, direct the sight line, and enhance personality and balance to your desired landscape design. The options you can choose from usually depend on your garden’s style, size, and personal preference. Consider sculptures, specimen trees, benches, birdbaths, water features, and ornamental shrubs.

Paint Your Fence – A flaking fence covered by mold can negatively affect a garden’s appearance. Consider staining or painting your wooden fence at least once annually to enhance its longevity and create an appealing outdoor space. Using bright colors for painting helps in making the plants more visible.

Upgrade the Outdoor Furniture – If your outdoor furniture has existed for some time, consider purchasing a new set. How do you select the best type? Here are tips to consider based on your preference and space:

  • Select weather-resistant materials like stainless steel. Materials like rattan and softwood may not last for long.
  • Ensure the furniture size fits your available space.
  • Your preferred style should be based on your garden design.

Don’t Wait to Beautify Your Outdoor Space!

A home is usually a significant investment for a person. Taking time to plan when undertaking an upgrade or renovation is essential. Consider seeking professional services if you want to make your landscape beautification more appealing.

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