June 18, 2024

University of Denver Will Be Home To The Center On American Politics

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Colorado will soon see its historical and political presence improve as the Center on American Politics moves to the University of Denver.

According to the Colorado Independent, the center will be led by political scientist Seth Masket, while psychology proffessor Leanne ten Brinke and economics expert Juan Carlos Lopez will also serve as affiliates.

In its first year, the Center on American Politics will seek to answer tough questions about the current state of U.S. politics:

Over the course of the coming academic year, Masket’s research will focus on interpreting what happened in the 2016 election and what that could mean for future elections. ten Brinke will investigate the relationship between social inequality and acceptance of Machiavellian leadership styles through a series of psychological studies, while Lopez will focus on examining economic inequality and its impact on the availability of social services, with a particular emphasis on the Rust Belt cities. The center will also host a variety of panels and events to tackle upcoming election seasons.

The Colorado Independent reports that the Politics center will be the first of its kind in Colorado. Denver’s political community has been gaining traction since 2012, when DU hosted the first presidential debate.

The McIntosh Historic District in Florida has 68 sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and Colorado hopes to continue adding to its own historic list. According to History Colorado, there are a total of 68 counties in Colorado that are home to various historic landmarks that made the National Register of Historic Places.

The center hopes to enhance the quality of creative work by its scholars while further promoting student engagement in American domestic politics. In addition, the center will foster education through community and scholars programming and provide much easier access and support for policy makers and media organizers throughout the state.

Seth Masket was appointed Director of the Center in July and Leanne ten Brinke and Juan Carlos Lopez are the 2017-2018 facility affiliates.

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