July 21, 2024

Top 5 Home Improvements to Tackle Before Selling Your Home in Denver

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Selling your house in Denver is not an easy task. There are so many things to do and decide on that you might feel overwhelmed at adding another thing to your to-do list. However, there are some home improvements that you should seriously consider doing before you put your house on the market. These will make your house more valuable and appealing to potential buyers, which could get you a higher price than you otherwise would get. Here are the top five home improvements to tackle before selling your house in Denver.

Replace Your Roof

Replacing your roof is a huge investment, but it is one that you could earn back during the sale of your house. In fact, an asphalt roof replacement can provide a 68.2% return on investment. While a roof replacement can take a long time, it is something to seriously consider early on in the selling process. Prospective buyers are going to take your roof’s condition very seriously. If it is old, or in poor shape, it could turn some people away. However, a new roof can seal the deal with some. It might even encourage people to spend more.

Improve Your Landscaping

Potential buyers will develop their first impression of your home before they even set foot inside it. They’ll see the exterior and judge your home’s curb appeal based on how that looks. Take some time to improve your landscaping. Your home’s landscape can be up to 15% of its value, so take it seriously. Clean up your yard and invest in some plants and other materials to make your yard more attractive.

Paint the Interior

Painting is a cheap, simple home improvement task that can have a big impact. A fresh coat of paint can make a room look much cleaner. You can also use colors to make the room feel airy or cozy. If you want to do a quick improvement before putting your house up for sale in Denver, paint the rooms. That way, potential buyers who tour the house won’t see chipped, worn paint and assume that the house has been neglected.

Upgrade Your Plumbing Fixtures

The EPA says that a faucet that leaks one drop per second can waste over 3,000 gallons of water each year. If you have older fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom, upgrade them before selling the house. Things like faucets can be replaced fairly inexpensively and will give buyers a better impression as they tour the house. You can even upgrade larger features too, installing more modern toilets and showerheads to make the house more energy-efficient. Buyers will be considering what kinds of repairs they need to make to the homes as they tour them. If they notice new fixtures and a lack of leaks, it’ll make your home more appealing than others.

Replace Doorknobs

This is a very small task that can make a big difference. If your home has new doorknobs that are in good shape, people will notice this as they open and close doors during their tour. Take a few minutes to check the knobs in your home. Are they old, mismatched, or loose? Spending some time on repairing these can make your home appear more valuable.

Improvements to your Denver home can make a big difference as you put it on the market. Even small investments can pay off with more interested buyers with better offers. Take some time to consider your home from the point of view of a buyer. Then take all the flaws you found and invest in repairing them. You’ll bring up the value of your home and make it easier to sell for a good price.

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