July 16, 2024

Skincare Tips to Help You Survive the Harsh Denver Winter

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Winter is one of the harshest seasons on your skin, hair, and nails, thanks to the conditions both outside and inside the home. Many people who have normal skin through the rest of the year experience dry skin and rashes through the winter. These skincare tips can help you keep your face and body healthy and glowing when Denver winter hits:

Use Multiple Layers of Protection

Because you have to protect against multiple threats to your skin in cold weather, it’s best to use many lines of defense to prevent damage before it can happen. In addition to wearing a scarf to protect your facial skin against wind, you need to apply sunscreen just as you would in the summer. Because snow reflects the sunlight and the UV rays contained within, you can get sunburnt just as easily as you would when It’s hot out in the summer. If you’re experiencing problems with chapped lips, you can use a protective layer of medicated lip balm before going out to prevent further chapping.

Moisturize Multiple Times

If you typically only moisturize your skin before bed or after you shower, you may have to step it up during the colder weather to keep your skin protected. Start the day with a protective layer of moisturizer before you go out into the world, and consider re-applying at points during the day if your skin feels itchy or dry. Consider replacing your regular lotion with a more intensive formula made for dry skin protection during the colder months, or using a special cream made for heels, elbows, and other parts of the body that can often feel rough or dry. Don’t forget to also protect your hair against dryness, which can cause dullness and breakage. You can also perform a moisturizing hair mask once a week to lock the oils and nutrients into the hair shaft.

Establish Routines to Maintain Good Skin

Proper skincare done on a regular basis can help you avoid issues that can cause discomfort down the line, like ingrown hairs or clogged pores. Schedule regular appointments ahead of time with your waxing or skin care professional to help keep your skin intact. If you do not currently have a waxing or skincare salon that you like to visit, the increased popularity of these kinds of businesses makes it easy to find one to try out. The use of a professional waxing service has grown tremendously, with almost 7 million Americans getting waxed 4 times or more within 6 months in 2019.

Consider a Facial

Many estheticians and skin care professionals are trained to help with skin problems and hair removal, so you can expand your skincare routine using a trusted person. FCB Research shows that an estimated 50% of today’s consumers will take care of their brows as part of a daily beauty routine, up from only 28% in 2015. If you have a salon or skincare professional you already trust to work on shaping your brows, consider letting them give you a professional facial treatment to help moisturize your skin and repair any damage that may have been done already.

The Denver winter months can be harsh, but with proper preparation and care, your skin and hair can come out looking just as radiant as they do in the fall or summer.

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