April 14, 2024

Selling Your Denver Home? Here’s How to Get the Best Price

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Selling a property is considered more accessible if you have a strategic plan. Denver is a desirable destination for potential homebuyers and the number of buyers at any given time exceeds the number of homes for sale. Below is a list of ways to secure the best price when selling your Denver home.

Prepare the Pre-showing Adequately

Happy and comfortable homebuyers have a high chance of submitting their offers. Adjust the thermostat for an optimum temperature and open curtains and blinds throughout the house to make potential buyers feel at home. Tidy up your property by sweeping and vacuuming floors, wiping down countertops, emptying trash cans, and ensuring you hang clean hand towels in the bathrooms. If you possess sensitive documents, firearms, prescription medications, and other valuable items, you must store them safely. An estimated 49% of homeowners have an inventory of their personal belongings. Make sure yours is up to date so you can stage your home appropriately.

Address Major Upgrades and Issues

You don’t need to do significant remodeling in most cases unless your property is older or you have doubts regarding its condition. You must address cosmetic and essential structural issues that may hurt the sale of your property down the line. Assess the state of the roof and foundation and address issues such as electrical wiring, HVAC system, or plumbing that threaten the safety of the property. Allocate as much time as possible when pursuing renovations or repairs to minimize costly delays.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Contact a top-rated real estate agent in Denver to assist you with the required preparations for your property before it is listed on the market. Most home sellers contact a real estate agent when listing their property on the market. Getting a real estate agent earlier is crucial as it facilitates a faster sale and a reasonable valuation of your property after closing. A seasoned real estate agent can help you devise a strategic plan to enhance your home appeal, as the professional knows what home buyers want in a property. Numerous documents are involved in selling or purchasing a property to ensure a smooth transaction. The real estate agent can also connect you with a trusted network of vendors, contractors, and service professionals to alleviate stress and ensure the listing process goes smoothly.

Take Care of Deferred Maintenance

You can hire an interior designer to transform obvious turn-offs in your property before listing it on the market. Homebuyers are leery of peeling paint, ceiling stains, and damaged or broken windows, and they may have doubts about significant issues in your home. Take care of the listed repairs, as failure to do so can cost you more when trying to sell your property. Consider minor kitchen remodeling if you have outdated appliances to increase the resale value of your Denver home.

Refresh Your Design

You can think of various simple design updates to ensure your property sells fast on the market. Refreshing your property with a fresh coat of paint is ideal for sprucing up your home. Enhance your property’s curb appeal by opting for neutral and warm colors. Painting the interior of your house guarantees a 107% ROI, while painting the exterior guarantees a 55% ROI. If the weather is ideal, you can plant colorful flowers, lay fresh sod, and add a new layer of mulch to your flower beds to boost the overall curb appeal of your property.

Budget for Renovations

You must devise a budget for the overall renovations before researching what might add more value to your property. Paying for the renovations in cash is the best option, as you will avoid interest payments and debts. You can finance your home renovations with a second mortgage which comes at a fixed interest rate, or a Home equity line of credit (HELOC). A HELOC is often secured by the equity in your property and operates just like a revolving credit line. You can borrow the amount you require to facilitate the renovations, but the variable interest rate makes the costs go down or up over time.

If you want your property to fetch a reasonable price on the Denver market, do the necessary renovations before listing your home. Seek the guidance of a real estate agent and prepare your Denver home adequately to get top dollar.

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