May 28, 2024

Pests that Might Make You Call the Exterminator This Fall

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Dead cockroach on floorAs the weather cools, you and your family might not be the only ones heading indoors for shelter and warmth. During the autumn and winter months, all kinds of wild animals and insects seek protection from the colder environment.

Though a pest invasion isn’t always avoidable, there are several ways you can prep your home from creeping, warmth-seeking critters. A good first step is knowing what kinds of pests to watch out for this fall. According to some common fall and winter pests include:

  1. Rodents
    Rodents seek warmth and even hibernate during the winter. To small mammals, your home looks cozier than any hole in a tree. Some common invasive rodents include deer mice, common house mice, Norway rats, roof rats, and the white-footed mouse. Even squirrels can get under the eaves and wreak havoc on your property. Watch for signs of chewing or droppings. recommends sealing as many cracks and nooks as you can since some kinds of rodents can fit through holes the size of a dime.
  2. Flies
    Many species of flies require warm weather to stay active. The sun-facing sides of your home can attract flies seeking warm surfaces, which may lead them to enter your living space through windows. Some types of flies that might arrive include cluster flies, fruit flies, and common house flies. Use fly tape and good window screens, and check siding for other insect entryways.
  3. Other Insects
    Dropping temperatures can make stinging bees and wasps desperate for food and shelter, which might make them more likely to sting. Watch out for yellow jackets, wasps, and even honeybees, which commonly try to winter in warm and dry attics. If you find a nest, use caution, and don’t approach to avoid hundreds of painful stings. In these cases, an expert might be necessary. Other funky bugs that might invade your home and disrupt your life this fall include stinkbugs, ladybugs, and box elders. Cockroaches and ants are also autumnal invaders attracted to the moisture and nutrients in food cupboards. Though less harmful to humans than wasps, these bugs can be particularly difficult to eradicate once they’re inside. Be sure to check window screens and keep unscreened doors closed.

Between 2012 to 2017, the pest control industry in America grew by 2.9%. You can bet that autumnal invaders contributed to that swell in the market. Keep aware of what critters could be getting in, and prepare your home for the pest season. When in doubt, call your local pest control companies for more information.

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