July 24, 2024

Sheriff Cuts His Retirement Short to Return to Public Service

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Retired Sheriff Gary Launderville’s retirement was short-lived, as he stepped into the position of Chief of Police in Lake Ozark.Launderville, 56, came to Lake Ozark with his family after taking an early retirement. But shortly after arriving, some friends encouraged him to apply for the Chief of Police vacancy.Launderville has spent his entire career in law enforcement. He retired last year from his position as Sheriff of Buena Vista County, IA. He served in the sheriff’s office for 32 years, and spent the last six of those as Sheriff.

The Launderville family moved to the Lake area so Launderville could settle in and enjoy his retirement. However, he quickly realized he wasn’t ready to leave public service for good.

“I still have the itch for law enforcement, and I think I still have a few more good years in me,” he said.

On his application, Launderville mentioned that the Buena Vista area was a diverse population with a lake and resort area, attracting tourists and second home owners. He felt that his experience had thoroughly prepared him to serve the Lake community.

Lake Ozark is a popular retirement location, with its beautiful scenery and variety of outdoor activities. The waterfront location is a popular tourist area, and home to some of the best golf courses in the midwest.

Chief Launderville is not the only retiree to return to the work force, but not all do so with the same enthusiasm. Many retirees are returning to work because they find that the nest egg that was supposed to last for their Golden Years is not going quite as far as they’d expected.

Current economic trends don’t spell good news for future generations being able to enjoy a relaxing early retirement. A 401(k) plan, and its Canadian equivalent, the Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP), both give employees a tax deferred way to invest and grow their retirement fund.

As for Launderville, he is still settling in to his new home and his new position as Chief of Police, and says he doesn’t plan on making any changes right away.

When asked what he hopes to achieve in the position of Chief, he said, “It’s my understanding that this department had some issues and that Chief Maples has brought this department up to being a professional unit, and I expect to raise that another level. My philosophy is that you treat others as you would want to be treated, and that you be honest with people. I hope to instill that in those I work with.”

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