May 28, 2024

Improvement Tips for High Altitude Homeowners

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Maintenance and home improvements matter more in the mountains. Being a homeowner in the Denver area and Colorado, in general, can mean extra care for your home. In 2018, most homeowners improved their homes at a cost between $5,000 and $10,000. The harsh weather that comes with high altitude can certainly cause some wear and tear.

High Altitude Maintenance

Heading outside of Denver, to higher altitudes, home prices are climbing just as fast as in the city, and maintenance can be even more intensive. Homes outside of metro areas often rely on wells and septic tanks as sewer and water aren’t available. A 1,000-pound tank in a four-person household is recommended to be pumped every three to five years.

With our harsh winters, electrical equipment can work overtime. For our high-altitude homes between 25-40 years old, electrical panels need to be scrutinized for replacement. Wires should be checked as well in case any of our furry, high-altitude friends find something to chew on.

Mountain Home Remodels

Another factor to consider in the Denver area is the exploding value of the real estate. There is no better time to improve your residence than when its value is high and using your home’s equity for a home improvement loan is inexpensive due to very low-interest rates. The right improvements can dramatically increase that home value even more.

While more maintenance is necessary for high-altitude homes, updating them is a lot of fun. A new, updated look can make a mountain home or cabin pop. Just using a log cabin stain to refresh interior or exterior wood can make the home feel new while improving moisture protection.

Adding new granite countertops can be transformative to the look of a kitchen and increase the home’s value more than almost every other improvement. Granite placed in rustic cabin kitchens looks amazing. Add in that granite is very durable and has impressive longevity, making it the must-consider improvement.

The countertops and walls look great, right? Getting the floors caught up would be another great remodel project. Tile, laminate, and carpet are dated. Few things belong in a high-altitude home more than hardwood floors. It fits the rustic feel while being timeless and incredibly durable. Throw that laminate in the closest dumpster as soon as you can.

Efficiency Upgrades

Cold and snowy winters at our altitudes can be comfier than ever with the latest building products. New windows are a must for mountainous areas with harsh winters. Preventing drafts not only saves money on heating in winter but makes your mountain home even cozier. In summer, energy-efficient windows can keep things cool inside, reducing cooling costs.

Many people don’t know that being at altitude increases the sun factor for UV light, which in turn can heat things faster when absorbed. The mountains are an awesome place for solar thermal heating. Instead of paying the gas or electrical bill, let the sun do all of the work and provide that hot water for the long bath after enjoying the Colorado snow.

Living at a high altitude can mean more maintenance and additional investment to protect our homes from cold and snow, but it also means a life spent enjoying all of the amazing scenery and activities the Rocky Mountains offer. A rustic mountain home or log cabin can be one of the most fun and rewarding homes to upgrade. Just a few home improvements can make mountain living even better than before.

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