May 26, 2024

How to Find the Best Addiction Recovery Center in Denver

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Seeing a loved one struggle to overcome substance abuse and addiction can be heartbreaking for families. Getting help as soon as possible is required to assist them with recovery. If you’re living in Denver, we’ve created a list of some of the top-rated addiction recovery centers within the region. Carry on reading as we break down the list in this post.

2. AspenRidge Recovery Center in Lakewood

AspenRidge Recovery has branches in several states, including Denver. At the recovery center, patients are treated for trauma, addiction, and mental health. There is also assistance with transportation. The process includes insurance verification, personalized assessment, and then treatment. Remember that a detox program can take seven to 10 days.

2. Sandstone Care

Sandstone Care in Denver Colorado is dedicated to treating young adults and teenagers. The center provides intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and assessments as part of their care levels. Recovery and treatment are provided for drug misuse, alcohol abuse, substance prescribed, and illicit. The center’s age-specific care treatment ensures that younger patient gets care suited to them. Treatment options include trauma, depression, Bi-Polar, anxiety, ADHD disorder, and borderline personality disorder treatment. Keep in mind that Schedule II drugs, including codeine, methadone, cocaine, and other opiates, are all addictive drugs that could lead to misusage.

3. Sobriety House

Sobriety House specializes in treating patients with alcohol addiction. Treatment takes place in phases such as Phase I Intensive Residential Treatment which spans over four weeks, Phase II Transitional Residential Phase over 30 – 180 days. Phase III transitional Residential Treatment over two months in sobriety living. The last one is Transitional Outpatient 30-180 days. Each phase is set with different aspects, including 12 steps of recovery, cognitive treatment, and counseling.

4. Idea Cares

Idea Cares in Denver is an all-inclusive treatment center that caters to LGBTQ+, it is also a multilingual treatment facility with Spanish and English languages. Treatment is gender specific, therapy for domestic violence, substance abuse disorder, behavioral health therapy, and monitored sobriety to name a few. According to, a total of 27.1 million Americans moved in 2021. However, under certain circumstances and with more than one DUI offense, a person might be unable to move to the States with this offense against their name.

5. Valley Hope in Colorado

Valley Hope is a renowned recovery center treating addiction, alcohol misuse, drug addiction, and more. With a legacy dating back to 1967, Valley Hope is one of the leading choices for treatment in the Colorado Denver region. The facility offers outpatient treatment, residential treatment, family care, Spiritual care, medical detoxing, and treatment for veterans.

6. Crossroads Treatment Center

At the Crossroads Treatment Center in Denver, patients are treated as outpatients and can receive treatment for a variety of struggles with addiction. Some of the services and treatments include relapse prevention, Early recovery. With Medical Assisted Treatment for Outpatients, it gives patients a chance to recover while continuing their normal lives at work and home.

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, there is still help and hope for a normal life. Treatment is the first step to recovery and with the help of professional medical teams, customized treatment programs, patience, and motivation, you can make it through. It can be a long road to recovery, but it is not impossible. Contact a treatment facility near you and get the help you need to lead a stable life. Getting help is not something to be ashamed of; it’s something to be proud of as you take back your life and health.

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