July 16, 2024

5 Simple Ways to Draw More Attention to Your Retail Space in Denver

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Denver is a vibrant city with plenty of retail space. Making your retail space stand out among the crowd must be a priority. How can you draw more attention to your retail space in Denver? Here are five ways your Denver location can become a hot spot.

1. Invest in New Signage

There is plenty of evidence that signage is a leading attractor for businesses. Of course, you do have to make sure you are using the right size sign, the right colors, the right images, and even the right text to get the best results from your signage.

According to the Sign Research Foundation, about 54% of consumers surveyed failed to notice a business because the signage was not clear enough or too small. To get the most benefits out of signage, you should consult a professional that can direct the creation and installation of your retail location signs.

2. Outfit Your Fleet

Whether your fleet is a single vehicle or 100, graphics can attract new customers to your retail location. On average, for every mile driven, you can make about 600 impressions when your vehicles are outfitted with advertising graphics for your business.

You can reach a huge audience with vehicle graphics that you may not be able to reach otherwise. Vehicle graphics advertise your business around the clock.

3. Clean Up Your Store Front

If you want to make your retail location stand out from the rest of the retail locations in Denver, clean up the entryway to your location. Make sure that the front of the location is kept free of debris. Place trash receptacles outdoors to encourage people to put their trash in the can instead of throwing it on the ground.

Landscape the front of your retail location, even if you only have space to add a pretty pot of flowers. According to Total Mortgage, landscaped homes command a 15% increase in value over other homes that are not. The same is true for your retail business! Consumers enjoy a beautiful outdoor area to pass through to get to your retail location.

4. Add Window Displays

Brush up on window display skills by following online tutorials, than give your new skillset a whirl at your retail location. Window displays can be fun, thought-provoking, or simply boost your retail location’s aesthetic. They get a lot of attention and will get people interested in stopping in.

Seasonal window displays are prevalent. Highlight some of your inventory in the display to get people’s attention.

5. Add a Bench

A simple trick to get people more interested in your Denver retail location is to make it welcoming. Adding a bench encourages people to take a load off their feet while shopping. It also encourages interest in your business. Everyone likes to feel like they are doing business with a company that cares about their feelings. A bench says, “we want you to rest a while.”

Making your retail location as inviting as possible will foster interest in your store. Consumers will want to know that people who cared enough to provide them with a place to sit for a while. If you want to up the ante, add some outdoor speakers and tune into some relaxing music.

Making your Denver retail location stand out from other businesses takes a little effort, but you will be rewarded with new customers and great customer loyalty. Try some of the tips listed here and see where they take you.

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