March 1, 2024

A Major Player in the Global E-Cig Market Chooses Denver for New Headquarters

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In an effort to grow their market share and find new organizational talent in a rapidly-advancing industry, Electronic Cigarette International Group (ECIG) has chosen to head west and move their headquarters to Denver, CO.

According to, the move was first announced by ECIG CEO Dan O’Neill during an Aug. 10 phone call with investors after the company received over $41 million in new financing in April.

O’Neill, who has worked with other high-profile companies such as Molson and Campbell Soup Company, made the move official on Aug. 15.

The headquarters was originally located in Grand Rapids, MI, and the decision to move was made by O’Neill after being appointed CEO following the resignation of company founder Brent Willis.

The company is one that is near and dear to O’Neill’s heart. He says he took an interest in the e-cig industry after his father died due to complications from a lifelong smoking habit.

Unfortunately, O’Neill’s father is not the only one who suffers from the effects of smoking traditional cigarettes. A staggering 8.6 million people in America have a serious illness that is directly related to smoking.

E-cigs offer smokers an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, and the market for this new technology is already massive, valued at $1.7 billion in 2013. O’Neill hopes that moving to Denver will help find industry talent that can take ECIG to the next level, achieving their goal of being the most prominent independent e-cig company in the world.

“We have come a long way and have the plans, partners, players and brands to begin to move toward this goal,” O’Neill said in a recent press release.

With the legalization of marijuana already reaping benefits for the state of Colorado, the addition of a major player in the e-cig market is just another example of how progressive the state truly is.

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